Renault Zoe 41 kWh: first details of the new version of 400 km of autonomy

Renault Zoe

The new Renault Zoe will offer a range of up to 400 kilometers.

just a few days Ago we have already mentioned that Renault was finalizing the details of a major overhaul of the Renault Zoe, and that the updated model would be presented in the Paris motor show 2016. We are already counting down the hours to his debut in the French capital, however, and thanks to our friends from InsideEVs, we can anticipate the first technical details of the new Zoe.

In particular, the information of which we echo, has been disclosed due to an oversight in the marketing department of Renault in the Netherlands. Comes to confirm the data which you have already mentioned a few days ago. The main attraction that will offer drivers the new Renault Zoe autonomy of 400 kilometers. To achieve such autonomy with a single charge, the new Zoe will make use of a new package of lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 41 kWh.

however, and taking into account that such autonomy is set by the cycle NEDC, we can expect a autonomy real close to 350 kilometers. A figure more than respectable and well above the us currently offers the small electric car from Renault. The new battery pack has been developed by LG Chem and is the same weight that the of 21 kWh. And although they are somewhat larger, the size difference is minimal.

Renault Zoe

Will have a new package of batteries and an upgraded engine.

Thanks to the optimization of the composition of cells to increase the energy density without having to install additional battery packs. Therefore, it is possible to increase your capacity without the weight or size are affected. What other new features we will offer the new Renault Zoe? The electric motor will be improved and its power will be increased of the 57 kW (77 HP), current 65 kW (88 HP).

once it reaches the market, the new Renault Zoe coexist with the current model that less autonomy and performance. In the case of the Dutch market, will have a starting price of 31.890 euros, so the difference with respect to the Zoe 22 kWh will be about 2,500 euros. The range will be composed of multiple trim levels and versions “Quickcharge” which include the fast charger.

After his debut in the Paris motor show, 2016, the sales of the new Renault Zoe will start (at least in the Netherlands) from next Saturday.

Renault Zoe

The new Renault Zoe will be launched at the Paris Salon 2016.

Motor Acabado BaterĂ­a Potencia Autonomy (NEDC)
R90 Entrada 22 kWh 57 kW (77 HP) 240 km
R90 Life 41 kWh 65 kW (88 HP) 400 km
R90 Intens 41 kWh 65 kW (88 HP) 400 km
R90 Bose 41 kWh 65 kW (88 HP) 400 km
Q90 Life Quickcharge 41 kWh 65 kW (88 HP) 370 km
Q90 Intens Quickcharge 41 kWh 65 kW (88 HP) 370 km
Q90 Bose Quickcharge 41 kWh 65 kW (88 HP) 370 km