Renault ZOE: 50,000 units manufactured of this small electric car


step-by-Step, the electric cars are not only a future option, but, increasingly, also of the present. Tesla Motors has become in trend with models such as its new Tesla Model 3, which has been performed hundreds of thousands of bookings in just a week, although it is still an open question what such can take on this huge success.

Meanwhile, there are already many electric cars that circulate on our roads, with examples well-rounded as the Nissan Leaf, which since its launch has esperimentado a slow but continuous rise in sales. And the model that concerns us, also belonging to the Renault-Nissan alliance, is another good example of this: the Renault ZOE is already the electric car most sold in Europe.

The Renault ZOE is celebrating a very round: 50,000 units manufactured of this small electric. The model is manufactured in the plant of Flins (France), near Paris, and there took place the ceremony of delivery of the keys of this unit number 50,000, a ZOE black that went to Sylvie, a client that will be used for urban commuting in St. Cloud.


During the past, 2015 is sold about 18,500 units of the Renault ZOE in Europe, assuming 20% of all electric cars sold in the year. One of the main problems of these vehicles ‘zero emissions’ is the maximum autonomy (lower than a car with combustion engine) and the infrastructure to recharge, although this will increase progressively: across Europe, there are enabled currently 60,000 points of recharge.

Returning to the Renault ZOE, we are faced with a utility 100% electric of 4.08 metres in length and 88 HP. Launched in 2013, its batteries of 22kWh capacity will allow a autonomy according to type-approval NEDC of up to 240 kilometers, enough for most urban commuting and intercity daily. In an hour can be recharged to 80% of your battery, through a charging point for 22 or 43 kWh.