Renault ZOE Societé, an electric adapted for professional uses


Renault ZOE Societé, a tourism electric adapted for use as a commercial vehicle

Renault is convinced that the ZOE can adapt to a multitude of different uses, launching a new proposal: the Renault ZOE Societé still maintaining all the advantages -and inconveniences – associated to their nature of electric car, but is especially adapted for the transport of objects and for use in businesses, by way of commercial vehicle.

The Renault ZOE Societé adopts a series of modifications with respect to the base model: the most important of them is that deletes the second row of seats, so that only two squares in front. And to separate the compartment into two parts, front -driver and passenger – and-rear -cargo-, is adopted protection grille behind the front seats.


this is the back of the Renault ZOE Societé: without back seats, with a separation grid, and up to 817 liters of capacity

In this way, the rear of the Renault ZOE Societé is so open and spacious, with a volume of 817 litres cargo. You can also get a rear tray retractable to hide inside in his rear, and in this case the capacity of its trunk is at 422 litres.

The load on this Renault ZOE Societé shall only be made through the rear door that gives access to your trunk, because the two rear doors -as well as their corresponding electric windows- are locked and are not functional. In addition, it has also disabled the view through its glass rear side using black vinyl.


scorecard, dashboard and central console of the ZOE Societé, identical to the standard versions

finally there are no more changes, and in this version you’ll find the same an electric motor of 88 HP and battery of 22 kWh, with operation ‘zero emissions’, and a maximum autonomy of up to 240 kilometres in cycle of type-approval NEDC.

The Renault ZOE Societé adopts the same standard equipment included in the finishing ‘Life’, and can be approved as vehicle N1, what gives you the right to greater state subsidies in the Plan MOVEA (8,000 euros in this case), without taking into account possible subsidies. The model is already on sale in Spain, and your ex-works price, without taxes or subsidies, will be 19.375 € .