Renault Zoe Societé, the commercial utility electric more chic and agile the moment

Renault has just presented its new Zoe Societé. This is a version aimed at a professional use of their utility electric Zoe – see this article: making contact with the Renault Zoe. Based on the new Renault Zoe R240, your autonomy 100% electric is no less than 240 miles. The Renault Zoe Societé becomes this way in a the ideal partner for small businesses, fleets of delivery in the last kilometer and young professionals who are going to travel mainly in urban areas and urban peripheries.

Thanks to its battery of 22 kWh and an electric motor with optimised fuel economy, the Renault Zoe Societé has a range of 240 km

The main difference with respect to a Renault Zoe is that its rear seats have been removed, looking to increase the space available for the load. The vvolume maximum load available in the big trunk – separate from the passenger compartment with a metal grid – is 817 litres. It is enough for several boxes of dimensions generous. The mouth of load of the Renault Zoe is relatively rectangular, and even if it is at a certain height, the loading and unloading should not be too problematic.

renault-zoe-societe-2016-2The Renault Zoe Société retains the an electric motor of 88 HP of the Zoe of passengers, which allows for a 0 to 50 km/h of just 4 seconds and from 0 to 80 km/h of 8.6 seconds. Although their autonomy in the cycle NEDC is 240 miles, maximum speed of 135 kilometers the battery won’t last much more than 120 miles, as it only has a forward gear and the energy consumption is triggered when the electric motor rotates at a high regime. Renault believes that this Zoe Societé may be profitable for companies for several reasons.

Its glass and rear doors have been locked, and only accessible to the load through the tailgate.

In the first place, is based on a finish Life of the range Zoe, the most basic – no frills, with trims on the rims, etc – and its price is the most content of its range of electric. Of course, a Renault Kangoo Z. E. is much more capable and spacious, but their prices started at a higher 24.800 euros and its electric range is 170 kilometers. In addition, it has a loader “Chameleon” that adapts to different voltages and powers – it is even compatible with jacks three-phase – up to 22 kW.

renault-zoe-societe-2016-8Is a commercial vehicle type approved in category N1, for which the aid of the Plan MOVEA are even greater than those of a conventional electric. That is to say, that your price franco factory 19.975 euros (before aid) can add up to discounts of up to 8,000 euros. To these grants are added the subsidies to commercial of category N1 that some regions offer. The Zoe Societé is an interesting product, that complements the range of commercial electrical Renault with a proposal of small dimensions.

Source: Renault