Reopens the debate on the Mazda RX-Vision, will occur?

Villa d'Este, los mejores prototiposSince the appearance of Mazda RX-Vision has talked a lot about his future. Its stunning design has won the favor of many fans and if you add the back to the rotary motors, the combination looks really great. This past weekend we returned to reopen the debate on whether the prototype would occur coming soon. The reason was not other than its appearance on a famous event.

Because the RX-Vision was present in the Concorso d’eleganza at Villa d’este and the Current Engine we were able to see it in person. Everything points to their presence in the selected event to the shores of lake como would have the objective of capture future customers and in this way ensure that your production will be on the right path. A few declarations of the director of design for Mazda, Kevin Rice, will give us some clues.

Mazda RX-Vision, The executive board began talking about the philosophy you want to follow the brand, whose main values when designing their vehicles are “purity and beauty”. When you want to resurrect these values was born the prototype to us today, the Mazda RX-Vision. It stated that they were “overwhelmed by the reaction of the people”, because within the brand because they liked very much this model but did not expect a positive response from the public.

The million-dollar question remained: whatwill cause the RX-Vision? Rice replied with a smile and says that I’d like, but that is not easy for them. The reason is none other than its rotary engine, which still would not be on point, although it is still working on it. Mazda is the only brand that bet for this type of engines in a world that is increasingly strict in terms of emissions and efficiency. We hope that in the future get to give with the key, and we can see a worthy successor to the Mazda RX-8.

Source – Carscoops