Report F1: Red Bull forces Ferrari to modify their roadmap


The season 2016 Ferrari is proven to be quite more
complicated than expected. While in the first few races was
clear that the championship would not be possible, it gave the feeling of
Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Räikkönen had at their disposal a
single-seater that could reach to get some victories

But an accumulation of circumstances made it lose
numerous options to dispute the victory or, at least, to get
. Vettel suffered problems in the pits in Australia, the breakage of the
engine not even allowed to take part in the race
Bahrain, driving errors in Q3, and touch with your partner in the
output that will be left to the direction deflected in Russia, bad strategy
in Spain, traffic after the first stop in Monaco, drop in
Austria, a penalty of five places on the grid, spinning top, and new sanction
during the race in Great Britain, the spinning top at the close to your partner
in Belgium,

In regards to Kimi Räikkönen, he saw as they broke the
turbo in Melbourne, temperature problems in the tires and a
bad start in Bahrain, driving errors in Q3, and prick and spoiler
broken front by the touch with her partner in Sochi, bad output
in Montmeló, accident in Monaco, temperature problems in the
tires in Montreal, a penalty of five seconds in Baku
, several
outputs of the track in the wet at Silvertsone, eliminated in Q2 and touch
with Verstappen during the race at Hungaroring and a bad exit in
Hockenheim, unscheduled pit stop after touch with Vettel in

The new Renault engine, a turning point

The evolution of the car has also not helped, suffering a
remarkable stagnation since the Great Prize of Spain, from the
which the new features introduced in the car, stopped to fill
effect. This coincided with the recovery of Red Bull,
introduced in Monaco a new propeller which was a step forward
very significant, both in terms of absolute power as of
delivery of the same
. This improvement allowed the austrian team
to increase the levels of downforce and, thus, improve
their performance at the global level.

the beginning of the year we went to Melbourne without waiting too
with respect to the end of the last season. But we are more
power and then evolution helped, we found a little more, a
little more and so since then. It has been a good improvement by both
parts, the chassis is working well with the thruster unit.
Now we’re more or less on par with the Ferrari engine of 2016 and
that’s positive”. Daniel Ricciardo


Graph that relates the performance in classification with respect to Mercedes (taking as a reference the fastest rider of each team).

All this allowed Red Bull to close the gap of performance with regard to Ferrari. In circuits in which the power is not as decisive, the austrian team has been able to squeeze the full potential of the chassis and the aerodynamics, minimizing or neutralizing their deficit in Spain, Monaco, Britain, Hungary and Germany.

last few races have been tough for us, but very, very useful,
since we have
understood many things about our car and we know what
It was not entirely clear after the first few races, but it’s gone
becoming more and more evident. Obviously, it is a very hard mode of
to find it, not being as competitive as we wanted to, but I think
now we know what to do. Not
it is easy to change from night to morning, but there is a plan and the
second half (of the season) should be stronger for
Sebastian Vettel

After the summer break, Ferrari seems to have found the path loss in qualifying since the Spanish Grand Prix and has solved most of its problems of temperature in the tyres, going to have a car that is predictable in terms of its evolution over the weekend. It has also helped that the first two circuits after the break have been to Spa and Monza: paths in which the greater power of the Ferrari would have allowed him to take some kind of advantage.


Graph that describes the shortfall of points in respect to Mercedes for the season 2016.

The difference of points between both team grew steadily until Silverstone, where the recovery of Red Bull is made patent in a month of July very bad for Ferrari. Despite the fact that the italians have shown more rapid after the summer break, Red Bull has managed to maintain second place in the constructors ‘ championship and now, with the advent of circuits favourable as Singapore, hope to continue that trend.

we want to be seconds because we didn’t win. I want to say,
perhaps there are opportunities if the other team does not finish (Mercedes).
We lost the second place in a few races.
In the last two weekends we have gone in the direction
appropriate, we have improved, so that it may be also the case of the
upcoming races”.
Kimi Räikkönen


Graph that compares the score of 2016 with regard to 2016. Ferrari has maintained a ratio of points similar to that of last season, although without being able to recover the ground lost in the second race.

Ferrari is getting fewer points this season. Their lower performance is coupled with the remarkable rise of Red Bull, the good form of teams like Force India and, at times, Williams along with the increased rate of faults and errors that this year we have removed a good amount of points.

For its part, Red Bull certifies with points his rise from 2016, which has become the team with the most improvement over last season. In the first fourteen races, has doubled the points of 2015 and, except for the fiasco of Russia, has scored with regularity, increasing in each race.


Graph that compares the score of 2016 with regard to 2016. Red Bull has experienced a climb outstanding, and that, as the season progresses, becomes even greater.

After a start to the season in which Ferrari sought to lay claim to the title to Mercedes, now is faced with the reality of having to fight with Red Bull for a second place that has no, or much less, assured. The circuits are for visiting are more favourable to Ferrari or, at least, not harmful for Red Bull, so that should considerably improve their rate of evolution at the level of aerodynamic, the whole time in the area of the propellant already depleted their last tokens in Monza.