RES: Entertainment in the rear seats of the Toyota Land Cruiser

RES en el Toyota Land Cruiserit Seems that the fashion of the infotainment has no end. Today, virtually all models available in our market feature touch screens of large size, connectivity with the outside, and multiple applications, either in series depending on models and trim levels, or optional, though some functions can be used only with the vehicle stationary.

These tend to be located in the center console, although some large models also incorporate training for the rear seats, which are perfect for the little ones of the house will have a more enjoyable trip. Under the acronym “RES” (abbreviation of Rear Entertainment System) entertainment comes to the squares later the great all terrain japanese. This option is included within the new program of the brand Toyota Custom, which is nothing other than a set of original accessories Toyota.

Available with one or two screens of 7 inches, the RES consists of a portable DVD player with connections for SD cards, USB and AUX, wireless headphones and remote control; can play videos and photos in the formats CD, MP3, MP4, WMA and DivX, and can also use it outside of the vehicle.

Toyota Land Cruiser 2017Toyota Custom, in addition to the player, offers another type of customizations. For example, we can mention the leather upholstery in black or beige, protections for the floor of the trunk, protections for the lower part of the rear bumper and roof bars with bike racks and porta skis.

For the infotainment in the squares in front, the Toyota Land Cruiser current can be acquired with the navigation system Toyota Touch2 & GO simple and with the Toyota Touch 2 & GO with advanced functions. Both have the upgraded system in 2016, and 3 years of map updates, in addition to subscriptions to apps like TomTom Real Time Traffic, Parking, Coyote, Twitter, or Street View. advanced features extend it with 3D maps, voice recognition, reading messages and emails along with WiFi connectivity.