Rescue a BMW M1 forgotten that it took 34 years collecting dust


32 years hidden in a garage Italian.

it Is common that appear vehicles stored and forgotten. It happens every day, for multiple reasons their owners cease to use them, and in many cases will languish in a corner until someone rescues them. What is not frequent is laugh, joke with a BMW M1, one of the sport’s most rare and expensive today.

On this occasion, the finding is the responsibility of the specialist in German classics Mint Classics. With headquarters in Munich, this company focuses primarily on the models of the signature bavarian, with an extensive repertoire of models of Alpina and the division Motorsport, among which we find several M1 of the street and the M1 Procar, including the iconic M1 with the spectacular red livery of ‘BASF’.

just a few hours which appeared the first images of the model in the account of Facebook of the German company, so for the moment data are scarce. But for what they have confirmed, this red example of the M1 has been rescued from a garage in the south of Italy, where took without moving from that was parked in that spot in 1982. By the pictures posted, we realize that the garage was in a private home and shared space with a Peugeot 206.


In this lamentable state of neglect was found in Italy.

In the images of the discovery can be clearly seen the immense amount of dust accumulated, which prevents even a glimpse through the window. There are No reports about the condition of the vehicle but it seems that is in good condition, and even has the same tires from the factory.

Not in vain, this copy of the 1980’s account with only 7.392 miles in your
, so the use that he had to have in its day it was quite
scarce. The story of its owner for the time being is unknown,
but taking into account the baggage of Mint Classics good insurance
brief this M1 will be conveniently placed at the point.

Although it is not the M1 lowest mileage available that we have found, yes that is one of the least use is likely to have and in more original state is. Recall that the M1 was a sports with a print run very limited, so they came to the street more than 450 units.