Resigns María Seguí: the figures behind the biggest scandal in the DGT

The director general of the DGT, María Seguí, has resigned. The resignation of your position occurs after open an investigation on the part of the Ministry of Interior to clarify the possible fraud in the public competition for the assignment of courses of recovery points. The legacy of María Seguí says goodbye with not a few figures have to analyze, and is that the DGT is going through a bitter, very possibly leading to some of its most responsible before the court.


Mary Kept resigns after uncover a alleged rigging in the allocation of courses to the recovery of the points driving licence: € 24 million

The resignation of María Seguí represents the final point in terms of political responsibilities, or so it seems at the moment. After you uncover the alleged rigging in the allocation of contracts for courses of recovery points in driving schools, a business that is around 24 million euros, and that has the husband of Mary, Continued as the main benefactor, the first movement was the resignation of the deputy director of traffic. But the evidence, including recorded conversations and emails, has led to the Ministry of Interior to open an investigation as a matter of urgency to find out all the happened.

But the resignation of María Seguí, despite having in this scandal, at its height, has a record that has also raised blisters on the own DGT and in numerous associations in defense of the drivers and victims of traffic accidents. Broadly speaking, I Followed it has been branded as a inaction during his address, getting to see during your mandate as the figures of victims of accidents not only suffered a drastic halt in the decline, but seeing as in 2014 grew the number of casualties in traffic accident for the first time in 11 years of steady decline.


The controversy over the address I Kept have been constant: measures controversial, figures adulterated, proceeds without whereabouts or spending to justify

In the DGT, there is something that is failing, perhaps from before he came the own I Followed. This latest scandal of the course of recovery of points have to add up the 15 million euros without a justify for update of the web page traffic and the multimedia content of the DGT, also the diversion of 70 million euros in fines, which are still lacking to clarify your destination, or the 312 traffic fatalities that allegedly concealed the DGT between 2013 and 2014; but appear reflected in the data of the INE.

Be that as it may, the General Directorate of Traffic has before it an immense challenge to face and as a matter of urgency. Having fulfilled 10 years of the points driving license and an unprecedented bid by the installation of speed cameras, the figures on the reduction of victims by traffic accident are still not convincing. After this scandal, the image of the DGT has been seriously damaged, something that will face the successor of I Kept betting on the introduction of new measures, more consensus and more transparency.

Source: DGT | Ministry of the Interior