Results EuroNCAP, 5 stars for the Audi A4, Honda HR-V and Honda Jazz

Resultado EuroNCAP Honda HR-Vonce more EuroNCAP shows us the result of their last test. After getting to know the last time the assessment of three models, this time returning with three other models, at least two of them of great volume. So are the results EuroNCAP Audi A4, Honda HR-V and Honda Jazz.

Very interesting results to say that they have all achieved the maximum score in the test. All have 5-star EuroNCAP and, in addition, it is not the apañan nothing wrong in the different sections and the individual score. It is also worth noting that the Jazz has achieved an excellent score in protection for adults that exceeds even the Audi A4. We will know the results individually.

Honda Jazz: 5-star EuroNCAP

The new Honda Jazz has achieved 5-star EuroNCAP. The small utility japanese failed to take off in our market has made a magnificent 93% score in protection for adults. It scores well in all sections and in all crash tests. The protection of children it takes an 85% failing in the adjustment of the Group 1 car seats in the middle seat in the back.


protection for pedestrians just with a 73% of the score. Highlights good protection even in impacts against the windshield, but some angles of the front, hood and A-pillars offer a low protection. 71% is carried in security systems not having available a system of emergency braking at low speed.

Honda HR-V: 5 star EuroNCAP

The new Honda HR-V brings 5-star EuroNCAP. The new SUV japanese get the highest score, breaking down a 86% protection for adult. Except for the whiplash in the rear seats and the protection of the torso for rear occupants in the frontal impact, the rest takes a good result. For children, a 79% score with the maximum for children of a year and a half, and with the same problem that the Jazz in the middle seat rear chairs Group 1.


protection in outrage ended with a 72% of the score. Like Jazz, some angles of the front, hood and A-pillars offer a level of protection under. security systems end up with a 71% score failing the system of emergency braking automatic low speed.

Audi A4: 5-star EuroNCAP

Audi A4 gets 5-star EuroNCAP. The new saloon average German is done with a 90% of the score in protection for adults, with a low protection on the torso for a driver at impact, frontal-side and rear-impact front. children take an 87% score, with maximum score for children of a year and a half and 3 years.


pedestrian protection takes 75% of the score with adequate results in practically the entire frontal area and low protection in the a-pillars. security systems are a shy 75% score highlighting the system of emergency braking automatically on the highway. Many of the security systems available, it is not considered EuroNCAP bring in bulk.

Source – EuroNCAP

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