Returns the last Buick GNX manufactured, preserved in its original state


Only 547 made in 1987.

Buick is not a brand that you sole bestow in the sports segment, in fact, in its current range just has versions of this type. Only account with the Regal GS, a derivative of the Insignia OPC, except certain aesthetic details and some more power, does not differ too much from the Regal conventional.

Positioned in the organizational structure of General Motors a mark bourgeois, have traditionally been other group brands, such as Pontiac or Chevrolet, which provided sports models and emotional in their ranges. But there was one occasion, in the mid-eighties, that Buick provided not only a model tremendously exciting, but this defied all the conventions of the segment, surpassing even the sports that GM marketed then, as the Corvette.

In 1987, Buick surprised own and strange with the release of the GNX, a special version of a limited edition of Regal Grand National performed in collaboration with ASC and McLaren Performance Technologies, the american company founded by Bruce McLaren as the base of operations for the competitions in the continent, and a few years later escindía of the team McLaren original, belonging now to a canadian company.


This was the last copy made.

The reason was no other than to create a edition of farewell for the Grand National, a name which acquired the Regal coupe in its second generation and which would disappear in 1988. For this reason, the GNX would be a limited edition of just one year, which they felt were going to make about 500. This is the reason that the copy of the images is so special, because is the no. 547, and hence the last GNX made.

Buick I decided to stay with the numbers 1 and 500 for your particular collection, but as production surpassed eventually these figures, the mark is put in contact with the buyer of #547, even provide you with copy no. 500 and a exemplary new to the beautiful roadster Reatta to change. But this is not accepted, deciding to stay with the GNX #547, to keep it under lock and key in an environment of air-conditioned throughout his life.

This is the reason why this issue is not only new, shows all the plastic and tags from the dealer, but has only 109 miles on your marker, despite having close to 30 years and two owners. The description of its state is well simple, is brand new, although due to its historical importance it would be very difficult to get anyone to use it for more than a few kilometers more.


Buick even offered a GNX and Reatta to change this issue.

The name Grand National was born in the second generation of the Regal for their participation in NASCAR, and although it was the version of two doors to the Regal, was not really considered a sport. In that market, the versions of two-door sedans were models that had the approval of the public -which today have practically disappeared – but they were positioned as versions of bourgeois and exclusive, rather than performance.

so that radicalize a model such as the Regal Grand National was far from usual.

Buick gave the Grand National already finished McLaren, who was in charge of the mechanics at their facility in Michigan. The engine was the V6 3.8-liter that McLaren introduced a new turbocharger Garrett intercooled. The power official were about 279 HP (276 hp), though it is well known that Buick approved a figure somewhat lower than that actually had the engine modified. The real power are approximately 304 HP (300 hp), which is joined to a rack conveniently tuned, converted to GNX in all a matagigantes.


The Corvette could not with the GNX.

as A comparison, the C4 Corvette of the time, it had over 300 HP until the decade of the nineties. Until 1990, the Corvette only had the V8 L98 in its best configuration was the 245 hp. It was not until the arrival of the block LT1 in 1992, with 300 hp, and the LT5 in the ZR1 375 hp, the Corvette could boast of overcoming that psychological barrier.

in Front of the GNX, no Corvette prior to 1990 is nothing you can do in terms of acceleration pure.

hence, the Buick GNX acquired the consideration of a collectible since it hit the market in 1987. Which was something the first owner of GNX #547 had very clear since it was made with, instead of enjoy which was the model of the moment, or take advantage of the two-for-one that came to him to offer Buick, it was decided to keep it in its factory state.


Up to 250,000 euros is expected that the #547 scope in January.

In January, the #547 will go on sale again, and it has some estimates that put it at between 175,000 and 250,000. A revaluation important, bearing in mind that the GNX came out with a price tag of 29.900 dollars, even though the original owner paid a premium of $ 10,000 by the. What that means is that in the best of cases, taking into account the depreciation of the currency of these years, will triple the original investment if those higher expectations are met.