Reveal the secrets of the BMW Z5

Much has been made of the replacement of the Z4, a model that in this second life, shopping has not had a great success, and whose substitute, the BMW Z5, already we have spoken of before with information unique and that we’ve even brought you the first video where it looks in motion.

few days Ago we got the first photos spies of the prototype of this model which, according to BMW, reinventará the segment of the sport and is expected to arrive in 2018 at the dealers. This will be the first model of the German mark developed together with Toyota in the framework of their collaboration agreement, which will make more profitable the production of the Z5, since currently the demand of roadster is very low. Together they will assume the costs.


Prototype spotted on the BMW Z5

BMW Z: A new sub-brand for sporting

to Reinvent the segment of the sporting” means that the strategy of BMW is to create a sub-brand as BMW i and BMW M, a range of sports designed with a style of its own and avant-garde on the outside, combined with the proportions of the roadster are typical: long bonnet, short rear overhang and a driving position very low, with the seats located practically on the rear axle.

Optionally available traction to the four wheels

All this combined with a few dynamic features special to enjoy the open road, with and without roof, with a new level of engineering typically sporty BMW.

Your design will be marked by the 328 Hommage and the Vision ConnectedDrive and although we have not yet seen any concept or progress official we wanted to show you a recreation of the concept that will represent the BMW Z5.


BMW Z5: The spy photos give a glimpse into your grill final

there Will be two bodies: BMW Z5 Coupe and Roadster

In the beginning designed as a roadster hard top like the previous Z4, the manufacturer has decided that the BMW Z5 will be offered in two bodies, Roadster with a canvas roof (in the photo spies you can see how the canvas reveals the nerves of the folding mechanism) and a Coupé, as the old Z3 coupe.

Will have a M version Performance environment to the 600 HP

The first to arrive will be the Z5 Roadster, which is expected to be presented in the second half of 2017, around fall. A year later will make its appearance the Z5 Coupe.

larger than the current Z4, is a rival designed to compete – and you’re reading it right – with the Mercedes AMG GT. Logically to compete with the power of the AMG GT, BMW will prepare a version that you do not have to envy nothing to the V8 brand of the star.

Although it could be said that it would also be an alternative to the Mercedes-Benz SL versions are less potent for their presence and luxurious look, but it is very clear that the approach of BMW is to make your Z5 a super roadster sports.


This Z5 has a dual output exhaust

On the platform on which it is built

With equivalent models in the Toyota, the sports of both brands use a platform of rear wheel drive for sports that is based on the CLAR that BMW has already premiered with the new 7 Series and that will extend over the whole range of BMW, but bringing the philosophy of light weight to a new dimension, as will materials such as aluminum, steel of ultra high strength, magnesium, carbon fiber and thermoplastic. For example, the structural pillars and roof structure are made of CFRP.

The platform CLAR evolved with more lightweight materials

Both the Z5 Roadster as the Z5 Coupe will be equipped with mechanical of BMW, like Toyota will equip its models with their own blocks, with the exception of the hybrid version of the German that will be of japanese origin.

With rear-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive xDrive, will be offered only the options of petrol four-and six-cylinder in-line and technology TwinPower Turbo and there will be a M Performance that could be hybrid (we are pending confirmation) with a four-cylinder engine with water injection and a new turbocharger, lighter and a joint power close to 600 HP.


BMW Z5: you Will have a luxury interior and the latest Connected Drive