Review of the season at the Honda F1 until the summer break

Honda has been quite active in the last few weeks, not only in the factory, where they work on a piecework basis, with shifts of 24 hours to revert the situation they have, but also in the media making some interesting statements. The first thing they did was to recognize the problems and point to the bank of evidence as the culprit of not to give to the cause of the trouble and only event of failure of reliability on the track. It seems that they worked on it and have improved, being able to finish the last race with both cars and in the points, and claim that it was the first race in which they were not concerned at all about the reliability.

But that is not the only statements that have been made. Well, after update Spec 3 of the Honda engine, we have seen a clear improvement, but only it is a step forward, not a revolution. Perhaps the revolution is moving back with the work you are doing. The Spec 3 at least has gotten that are around the Top10 and calm the situation a bit. In addition, in Woking had been told the situation with the japanese manufacturer was unsustainable and that it would take measures soon, as implying a change of engine. But now Hasegawa has said that the communication between McLaren and them is constant and good now…

Maybe the test benches AVL and the rumors that were given with the intervention of Mario Illien and the opening of the doors of Honda engineers european is also the cause of the improvement. In addition they are taking desperate measures to not have to leave F1 after the refusal of Sauber to set up their engines to break their agreement to 2018. Now it seems that they move to find another partner, it is rumored about Toro Rosso, but they are still just rumors. By the time they are alone with McLaren, and the Woking also seem to depend solely on Honda.

Hasegawa has made some statements in which ensures that you have a lot of improvements in various parts of the engine, even though they are focusing on the ICE. But it ensures that you do not know which of them are going to enter soon, if you have insured is that very soon there will come the Spec 4 that pretends to be another good step forward for the performance, and achieve or exceed the Renault engine before the end of this season. Well, a goal that is not bad and that would make the McLaren is think follow up with them for the next year and perhaps that Alonso left… But what is certain is that the engine takes six months late, because now you’ve reached the performance that they should have had in the test in Barcelona in preseason.

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