Review the best and worst creations of Walter de Silva

Walter Maria de Silva, born in Lecco, Italy, on February 27, 1951, has managed to become one of the greatest designers of cars of all time. In 1972 he became the chief designer of FIAT, but since 2007 held the position in the Volkswagen Group, a post he will leave at the end of this month of November. So that is time to go over some of the great work done by this great man, and some errors also.


The Tango represented a concept great, but sadly never came to fruition

SEAT Tango

The first model of that touches on talk about is the third party that the lord of Silva created for the Spanish brand SEAT. The Tango was presented at the iaa in Frankfurt 2001. This prototype fulfilled the dream of many to see a back SEAT roadster two-seater on the roads. Its turbocharged petrol engine of 1.8-liter managed to generate 180 HP, and the figure is excellent in order to compete with big names in the segment like the Mazda MX-5. Finally, and as we all know, SEAT are not received authorization to take it out to the sale. A penalty.

Alfa Romeo 147

As we have already said, mr. de Silva was also the chief designer of the FIAT Group, where you have to highlight especially the work done in the models of Alfa Romeo. The 147 came in the year 2000 and came to replace the Alfa 145 and 146. Quickly, the 147 became the dark object of desire of every alfista, and that it was also. A design colorful, elegant, and Italian, to which I had to add the sportiness of the version GTA. A rara avis which included a block V6 250 HP in your engine bay. A pity that, in 2010, Alpha decided that it was time to jubilarlo.

Lamborghini, Selfish

The Selfish what we call as creating the most personal of Walter de Silva. In 2013 Lamborghini wanted to celebrate their 50th anniversary in a very special way, and this allowed the chief designer will take all the licenses that he’d like. The result was the Lamborghini Selfish, a prototype half-way between a supercar and a fighter. A model in full operation would be based on the Gallardo with a V10 engine of 5.2 liters and 560 HP. This, his most personal work.


A stunning design for exceptional performance, the way it was, and is, the R8

Audi R8

In 2006 Audi decided it was time to face-planting in the segment of supercars. The bases were clear, catch a Lamborghini Gallardo, and its V10 engine and put it a case and a technology worthy of the country, teutonic, and said and done. The result is well-known for all, the Audi R8, whose spectacular design came out of the imagination of the lord of Silva. So good was this work that is considered as one of Audi’s most beautiful of all time. Who said that Audi were bland?

Volkswagen Scirocco

it is Never easy to recover to a legend, and the Scirocco is. Once more Volkswagen decided that it was time to wake up to one of their legends. Based on a Golf MKV, the Scirocco presented a line coupe extremely attractive. A work of design that is quickly recalled to its predecessors but brought to the TWENTY-first century, with all that that implies. Once again the work of Walter has survived beyond what is expected, since the Volkswagen Scirocco continues to be sold today as it was in the year 2008.

The large errors of Walter de Silva

Although it is hard to believe, this Italian that it will soon be 65 years old and also has small blots on its history, something completely logical, taking into account his immense work. Although these are much less than hits, some had the bad luck to tread the real world.


the prototype of The Toledo was introduced as well. As you all know, is not touched anything in the final version

SEAT Toledo Mk3

it’s hard to imagine as the same table design that came out works just as impressive as the previously described left also the third generation of the SEAT Toledo. Originally introduced in the year 2004, the Toledo underwent a radical alteration with respect to a model that he had built up an incredible number of sales across Europe. despite its more than dubious design, the Toledo had a habitability outside of range with a trunk of 500 liters. A car idolized by the taxi drivers that just came on the market four years, returning to undergo a radical change, this time yes, more successful.

Bugatti Veyron

At the end of the past century, Bugatti started work on a new car, one that had to break with all the rules preset above. Finally we met him in the year 2005 with the name of Bugatti Veyron. This was as spectacular as the legendary. However, before the arrival of this Walter de Silva proposed to the French brand a design that thank god did not come to fruition in reality. Not had his day the lord of Silva, but it was still a first sketch of what the Veyron finally ended up being, that yes designed by Hartmut Warkuss. By the way, the successor to this will soon be on the road, the Bugatti Chiron, to which we have already seen almost in its entirety.

With all their successes, and the occasional slip-up, Walter de Silva has won by its own merits, be a part of the living history of motor racing. Your retirement has come at a critical time for the Volkswagen Group that is immersed in full scandal by the emission figures of some of their cars. His successor is still not known, but it is clear that the long shadow of his predecessor has rope to hang.


hard to define this prototype, but compared to the final, it was pretty ugly