Revozport Razor 7E, the ideal mix between a GTI Clubsport S and e-Golf

Revozport Razor 7E

Probably not sound like anything the preparer Revozport, but you can be sure that if they know something about Golf powerful. His last preparation, the Razor 7E, it is basically a Volkswagen e-Golf, with some interesting additives.

Between all the new components added to this Razor 7E features a new aerodynamic profile, very similar to the one you can see in the GTI Clubsport’s fresh out of the factory. This new aerodynamics is composed of new spoilers, splitters and a rear diffuser manufactured completely in carbon fiber, in addition to a few canards to the most pure style of Porsche 911 GT3 RS.

Revozport Razor7E

Maybe you have noticed in the photos, but they also reduced the height of the suspension thanks to a damping adjustable brand KW. To finish, added a few discs Brembo, which, together with a few tires semi-slick racing make the profile by echoing the e-Golf to completely disappear.

in Addition to all the technical improvements, also incorporates security measures as a roll cage, harnesses, six fasteners, hook to tow it or fire extinguishers. As to the painting, has not been changed a lot compared to the series model, because retained the blue and white distinctive of the electric range of Volkswagen.

Revozport Razor7E Trasera

Reading all of this you’re probably thinking that this modification of the e-Golf by Revozport could be at the height of the Tesla Model S championship Electric GT, but nothing is further from reality, since a the Razor 7E still retains the modest 136 HP of the electric version of the Golf.

the design of The Revozport Razor 7E celebrated the first championship of electric cars, which was organized in the circuit of Formula E Hong Kong last year. That os looks like the Revozport Razor 7E, you think that would be a good companion of trackdays, or on the contrary is a waste of money to have so little power.

Volkswagen Golf
From 18.740 euro