Rezvani Beast X: 700 CV at 839 Kg Do You dare?


The Rezvani Beast X raises its power up to 700 HP for just five copies

Ferris Rezvani to curly even more curl. Their particular sports no doors, roof or windscreen frame called Beast has dedicated a special edition even more radical last X which will be limited to a short run of five units.

A beast with 700 HP and 839 kg

This eccentric roadster has in its interior a motor 2.4-litre turbocharged in conventional versions delivery 300 or 500 HP. In the Beast X the block offers the whopping figure of 700 HP 7.350 rpm The unique units can be acquired with a change 6-speed manual or a transmission sequential gear change from the the maximum power behind the wheel.

This sports announces a weight of only 839 kg next to a power of acceleration, capable of going from 0 to 60 mph (0 to 97 km/h) in in 2.5 seconds. Although it does not specify along which transmission develops these figures.


The Beast is a roadster radical that has no doors, roof or windscreen frame

This special edition of the Rezvani Beast has exclusively added aerodynamic and a double back spoiler made in carbon fiber to maintain stability. Equips tires multiradio with Continental tires SportContact 5P or Toyo Proxes R888 -to the customer’s taste – in measures 295/30 R19 in front and 315/35 R19 behind.

Has a braking system of high performance Alcon with four-piston calipers, limited-slip differential and adjustable shocks Bilsten of ten positions.

Its price is $ 325,000, about 300,000 euros to change. The designer Rezvani wants this to be the first model of the new Division X, in which intended to encompass models more exclusive and radical brand.