Rezvani Beast X, 700 horses, and light weight for an exclusive sports car

Rezvani Beast X

Rezvani presents his new Beast X. This is a new súperdeportivo based on the Ariel Atom. Built in the united States, the Beast X proposes to the driver a extreme ride on the basis of three aspects. The first is the reduced weight, the second is the power of 700 horses and the third is the absence of electronic aids.

Under that bodywork is futuristic and sharp, there is a Ariel Atom. The carbon fiber makes it possible to reduce the maximum weight that it reaches in the scale 839 kilos, a complete light weight for track days. The aerodynamics here has a more important role than in the Atom, with a body shell, large spoilers, and a huge rear diffuser.

Rezvani Beast XFor the interior Rezvani is left to the simplicity and the carbon fiber to reduce to the maximum the weight. The seats are made of carbon, just like the steering wheel, and there is little comfort items. It has No roof, as the Atom, but it has created a new windshield and have been placed two humps behind the seats to isolate a little more the car.

The engine of this Rezvani Beast X is a block 2.4, four-cylinder source Honda. It has been used the charge and has been adjusted to yield a power extreme of 700 horses sent to the rear wheels through a gearbox 6-speed manual. There is an option an automatic gearbox sequential.

Rezvani Beast XTaking into account the weight, this leads him to close the 0-100 km/h in just 2.5 seconds pushing it to reach the 300 km/h. Best of all is that Rezvani has not created a car súperdeportivo only with figures, but has relied on the expertise of the driver and there are no electronic aids that interfere with the actions of the pilot.

Powerful, lightweight and fun, as much as expensive. Despite the fact that the Ariel Atom is a sporty, fast, agile, and effective, it is quite cheap. Not so with the Rezvani Beast X, that has a price of around 306.000 euros to change. There’s not much time to choose, as it will only be built 5 units.

Source – Rezvani