Rhys Millen unleash the potential of the Ferrari 488 GTB rolling through Barcelona

ferrari-488-gtb (2)Today we bring you one such video of the great staging and sound that we enjoy as a few authentic kids boys. Maybe it’s just to tell you that it appears a Ferrari 488 GTB as you put on the skin of chicken, although I advance that there is a lot more than burning rubber. And is that Rhys Millen is the one who co-stars in this spot signed by Pennzoil and recorded in Barcelona. The video is a little more than two minutes has been baptized as “Joyride” and we can see the pilot enjoying the power of this Ferrari in the circuit and the streets of the city.

In the first sequence of this spot promo it looks like leaving a Ferrari 488 GTB yellow saved in one of the garages that has the Circuit de Catalunya. Shortly after can be seen as a message arrives to Millen with the keys to access this garage, and an envelope that contains nothing less than the keys of the beautiful “prancing horse”. Quickly rushes up to the facilities of the circuit, where is the Italian.

ferrari-488-gtb (1)The rest you can think of it. A lot of gasoline and burnt rubber. In a first moment we see them as the Ferrari 488 GTB is unfolding perfectly in circuit to pass shortly after the streets of the Catalan capital. The scenes are shot very professionally, and we can feel the soul of the Ferrari that follows the orders of Millen with whom to form a couple of movie.

if you do not acordabas the Ferrari 488 GTB uses turbocharging to develop some amazing 670 horsepower extracted from the new V8 engine of 3.9 liters. The Italian mounted a gearbox of double clutch and seven speeds evolved, transmission with the one that can accelerate from 0-100 km/h in just 3 seconds.


Source – Pennzoil