Ribeiro: “to Limit the WTCR to 26 cars is for the quality”


The rules of the new World Cup WTCR provides that the grill of the season 2018 will consist of a maximum of 26 cars, giving priority registration to those drivers and teams that have competed in the WTCC or TCR International Series for 2017. In the same way, it reserves two entries, ‘wild card’ for each round of the championship. In this aspect, and while there are doubts about the depth of the grill, François Ribeiro has sent a message of reassurance, stating even that the limit of 26 cars protects in any way the quality of the WTCR.

François Ribeiro said in statements to ‘Autosport’ that the limit of 26 cars will allow drivers in both series who so wish to have seats, while limiting the risk of ticket spot: “I asked the Commission of passenger Cars of the FIA which restricted entries, because the WTCR you are looking for quality with this grid of 26 cars and two wildcard entries, not looking for volume. I’ve really had the feeling from the first day that we put together the regulations TCR, to the FIA as a regulatory body and Eurosport as a promoter, that we could offer such quality and so what we will do”.

In this line, Riberio added to give close approach: “I Prefer to give visibility to 10 or 12 teams in two years and make a great championship, having only good teams with a good technical support from the manufacturers and have a payroll of drivers of quality that go after a large grid of over 30 cars, leaving the door open to all national entries. That’s what makes the season difficult to handle from the sporty side, with great problems for the drivers by the large number of incidents of career that will often give”.