Ricciardo and Verstappen compete with two Aston Martin with caravans (video)

Verstappen y Ricciardo en una carrera con caravanas

If I speak to you of a video of celebrities having a great time with cars and caravans sure that you come to mind the names of James May, Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson. The british trio of Top Gear loved to destroy caravans. I don’t know why, it doesn’t have much logic, but the case is that they enjoyed as small children and, apparently, the viewers also made them quite grace, for each is not a lot of time returning to destroy one or more caravans.

however, in this case, we also encounter two caravans that have just shattered and two famous passionate of the world of the engine; but do not, do not belong to Top Gear. These two guys are neither more nor less than Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen, team drivers Red Bull Formula 1. By their expressions, it seems that none of them has done anything wrong filming this fun video.

To make matters worse, the pilots of Red Bull do not drive a car fairly normal, but two models of Aston Martin. The combination of power, circuit, two pilots and two caravans guarantees fun. As we see in the top video, in addition to laugh, and a lot of the riders have taken the cars and caravans to the limits of adhesion, what has caused it to finish the “race” being too helpful.

Within almost two months to dispute the Great Prize of Austria of F1, which runs in the circuit of the energy-drink brand, the Red Bull Ring. If we were not wrong, the company wants to start promoting this Great Prize and to call the care has proposed this show with its two pilots. If we’re right, we can already go to the congratulations to Red Bull, because your video is becoming viral, and we don’t be surprised if they both Ricciardo and Verstappen continue crying with laughter still.