Ricciardo, “champion farmers”, considers good for him, the attention to Verstappen


The discrete-2015 Daniel Ricciardo had raised doubts about whether what happened in 2014, when he surpassed clearly to Sebastian Vettel, had been a glow fleeting, and as a result of the circumstances. This 2016, however, Ricciardo has outdone themselves with another excellent season in which he has returned to lead the efforts of Red Bull. Even with the entry into the fray of Max Verstappen as team-mate, the australian has shot gallons, earning more points her partner in the same period of time (208 vs. 191).

despite the triumphant debut of Verstappen and some of the first races where the Dutch seemed to have the initiative, Ricciardo, who had started the year so strong with four quarter positions in a car are not too competitive, it was the improvement of Red Bull for a solid second half of the year, adding seven podiums in a period of nine runs between Hungary and Mexico, among them his victory in Malaysia leading the first doublet of Red Bull from Brazil 2013.

Doing a review of the season, Ricciardo recalls the acceptable start, despite the car’s performance, and highlights his pole position in Monaco, the first of his career in Formula 1, as his best time of the year

“we Expected to fight in the middle of the table in the first few races of the year, but we started with some quarters, and that would probably be a second in China, the third race of the year, it ended in a puncture, but I was going very well. Then it was all better. The victory in Malaysia was epic, but the pole in Monaco has been, in some way, my high point. Not what I’ve told people, but to do that lap was a relief, because I put a lot of pressure to go there this weekend and run, to really believe that I could”.

Ricciardo ensures that “if I had not won, if Malaysia had not happened, I would look back and say who should have won several races this year. But, as I got that victory, I’m not going to say that I should have been better. I got a pole, which he had not succeeded before, and I went back to the first step of that is cool,”. Also, described himself asthe champion of peasants(sic) to have finished in third place overall behind the two Mercedes.

The australian also made reference to the ‘phenomenon’ Max Verstappen’ and the considerable attention that the pilot Dutch has received since his promotion to Red Bull, starring in big races and at times controversial. Ricciardo believes that Verstappen has not only lived up to, if not that he, himself, will agree that the people thinks so: “As I see it, is pretty cool, because the better regarded it is, I wont be very wrong if you won the next year. If all the world were to say that he is garbage and does not deserve the seat, and I gave whisk you, I would be very good, so I would say that is double as good as Senna!“.