Ricciardo disappointed with the race simulation


Daniel Ricciardo was pretty optimistic after the first day of the tests this week, held on Tuesday 7 march. But their feelings on the session of Thursday have been very different, and the australian admits to being somewhat disappointed with the performance of RB13.

While Ferrari and Mercedes show you to feel comfortable in a time of 1:19, Red Bull still has not shown a similar level as to be able to ensure that they will be rivals to these two teams. “I wish that we had saved a little more. Today we were not fast, I would say that the first day (Tuesday 7) seemed more competitive, probably two or three tenths of the fastest, but today it was much more. I thought we’d advanced after my third day in the car, but after the fourth I do not feel that we have given them that extra step that I expected. I think that the progress was good, but I have felt a bit confused with some things from the set point. I hope that we find some answers this night, Max (Verstappen) will be in the car tomorrow and we need one more day to better understand the car,”, commented one concerned Daniel Ricciardo after you have completed a race simulation not as positive as expected, and with time a second per lap slower on average than those marked by Sebastian Vettel, who also performed a race simulation.


In Australia, developments in the engine and the aerodynamics

But Ricciardo, an optimist by nature, believed that the Australian Grand Prix will mark a turning point in the team, with Renault releasing a new version of the engine and the Red Bull introducing aerodynamic improvements. “I Think that in Melbourne we will see some improvement by both parties (Red Bull and Renault), my day was very clean, is a little unpredictable still, but I have the feeling that in the first race we will be in a better position”.

Ricciardo is honest and admits that Red Bull, in this moment, is not at the level of Mercedes and Ferrari, but also ensures that the car has the potential to be pregnant and it’s just a matter of finding those tenths they are missing. “we have Not shown the level of Ferrari yet, today the closest rival to Mercedes is a Ferrari, I think that is fair. We have more potential, but we need to find it”, declared the australian to finish.