Ricciardo: “F1 would not have survived without Red Bull”


Photo: Red Bull

The situation was clarified by order for the two teams of the energy drinks. Although it is not a solution to long-term, in 2016, Red Bull will mount Renault engines called TAG Heuer and Toro Rosso will take the power unit of the 2015 Ferrari. However, both went through critical moments, with a long period in which they were not who they provide propellant for the next championship. Daniel Ricciardo spoke to Motorsport and gave his point of view on what would have been, for the Formula 1, a deadly wound: “I don’t think that this sport would have survived”, he said. What is certain is that Pirelli was concerned, and Ecclestone tried to help to you to stay, but no one knows what would have happened without Red Bull and Toro Rosso on the grid.

The grill came to be tired of the threats of the Milton Keynes, but their march was not completed, and the two teams will be part of the championship 2016. Good for the Formula 1, according to Ricciardo: “as it stands right now the sport…I’m not saying that you are in the wrong place, but with two teams less would be”. The key is perhaps more in the ‘how many’, ‘who’: the category queen has survived until 2005 without Red Bull and 2006 without Toro Rosso, but nine teams for the next world cup would be a few cars (18) on track. And, then, would come to the fore again the proposal of three single-seaters by builder. However, with Ricciardo, Kvyat, Sainz and Verstappen, plus the arrival of Haas, will be 22 riders that started the next championship.

Ricciardo faced, as his companion, to one year without competing or to have to find another seat. For that reason, closely followed the case, with sufficient information as to be quiet: “I was kept informed enough, you need to know that I would stay at the grill the following year. Not needed to know all the details, it was none of my business but it was not my work. I was happy to be able to continue driving, but of course, I wanted to ask the team ‘How is the topic?, do I have to start looking for another site out there?”. The answer was no. Ricciardo will start in your country, in march, his sixth year in Formula 1, the third in the Red Bull, with the hope of improving the performance of this 2015.