Ricciardo, Hülkenberg and Horner, in favor of the loopholes of gravel


In recent times, the pilots are beginning to mobilize to ask them to return the loopholes of gravel and the events at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez have strengthened the views of many of them.

Daniel Ricciardo already commented on Thursday, October 27 in the FIA press conference that the proposal from Bernie Ecclestone to place walls in the curves was, at least, better than what is current. And after what is seen in the race in which Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen kept their respective positions skipping the first curve, he declares himself a fan of the loopholes of gravel. “I’m a fan of the loopholes of gravel because it is a deterrent right. Even though it passes at a good speed, still remains in the radiators or stones in the tires, so that is a penalty”.

Ricciardo believes that what happened with Lewis Hamilton is not fair, because she suffered no penalty for doing so, and in a moment as important as it is the first turn, in other circumstances would have completely ruined his career. “I do Not like when a pilot can commit an error while defending himself, cut the curve, and it continues. So I don’t think that the first corner of Lewis outside right. It was in the first round, and at a crucial time and if you make a mistake like that, you would have to pay a higher price”.

Nico Hülkenberg is of the same opinion, while not advocating necessarily for the gravel, but for a deterrent that meets with the purpose, as for example the barriers that have been installed in the escape of end of start / finish straight in Monza. “I don’t know if it necessarily loopholes of gravel, but maybe something of Sochi or Monza (barriers that slow down the march to join back to track), where you have to drive around something and pay a price. Where Lewis slowed down, there was no way to take the curve”.

Christian Horner, who came to ask for the deletion of every kind of impediment to the pilots could plot where they wanted to for the sake of the show, is now supporting the pilots that ask for control, while acknowledging that the idea of Bernie Ecclestone is, possibly, too radical. “The point of view of Bernie put up a wall… probably is one of the extreme ends of the spectrum. But I definitely think that there are arguments to the escape of gravel, because if you end up in the gravel, you lose a huge amount of time or you are out of the race. I think that is something that you should look for places like the curve 1, see if the gravel is a better deterrent than a extensive escape of asphalt”.