Ricciardo: “I would Bet my money on Red Bull this year”


The season 2016 Red Bull was quite promising, but rarely were in a position to face up to Mercedes. In contrast, Daniel Ricciardo is convinced that this season the team can get to defeat the germans without constraints.

this has been expressed by the australian rider in an interview with the official website of the Formula 1, in which it has reviewed all of the current issues, including the withdrawal of the reigning World Champion, Nico Rosberg.

For Ricciardo, the news of his colleague was a surprise, but with the passage of weeks has had time to think about it and now his vision is very different. Rosberg has a family, educated and have lived the stress of the races from which it was born, explains the reasons for its decision.

“in The beginning was a surprise, but once I reflected, I put them in their role and understood it much better. you Have a family now, he has been involved in the sport even before piloting it himself with his father, Keke, so it’s a long race. Consumes you with all the travel and commitments and achieved what I wanted, so it’s time to relax, I understand, mate!”.

This movement left a vacancy desired by the majority of pilots of the grill and the Ricciardo recognizes how tempting this position. But its future commitment is to Red Bull and is convinced that it is the right choice.

“Put Mercedes in a position crazy. I am sure that all pilots were called or thought of calling to Toto and Niki. It has been interesting to see him evolve, and now Bottas has a great opportunity. We will see how it goes. I am best in the place in which I am: in the Red Bull. of Course it is tempting, to have an idea of how it works on that car, but 2017 is a new year and I hope that my car is now the (best) of the World”.

And is that the last season was very promising and, with the improvements planned for this year by Renault and the new regulations, Ricciardo is confident that his team will be able to squeeze in, the title options are high.

“2016 encouraged really to the entire team. Again we find ourselves in the fight for wins, podiums and pole positions. It was a big step to get closer to the place you want to go back and, from what I’ve heard of the new car, I would bet my money on our behalf“.

Daniel Ricciardo is confident that will have what is necessary to be able to challenge Lewis Hamilton in the fight for the title, and breaks a lance in favour of Max Verstappen and he himself, as he believes that they are the best couple of the grill.

“I Think that we can challenge (Lewis Hamilton), yes. If we make the same improvements that the past year, it will not easy, believe me. I really believe that we have now – the best alignment. I’m not sure what team has the second best and I don’t care”.

The australian rider has been one of the most active in social networks this winter, showing often what is your physical preparation. The increase of the demand in that field for part of the car this year has allowed Daniel to enjoy with all of this.

“it Has been fun to put even more emphasis on the training of January this year, especially if you do it in Los Angeles! Each year, January was an intense moment, but this year we can afford to train even harder and not worry so much weight and muscle. It’s fun. However, you can not let you go out of hand, but the intensity has increased and I can also eat a little more after you have trained, which makes me feel good, what do I do? of everything: cycling, strength in the gym, boxing, the list goes on and on”.

Finally, Ricciardo talks about the new tires, that could be tested in the development phase. Although he had good feelings, acknowledge that the single-seater facilities was an impediment to the hour and draw conclusions reliable.

“it Was difficult to assess. I Felt more grip with the wider tires, but the car had a fit unlikely, so I had no real feelings of 2017. The tires seemed fun, so I hope good things when we go to Barcelona. From what I have seen in the simulator, it will be a great challenge, but Barcelona will show the reality”.