Ricciardo: “Red Bull wants to put us under pressure and see what wood we are made of”


Daniil Kvyat, Max Verstappen and,
even Carlos Sainz, they have been the subject of many questions,
comments and analysis during the days following the announcement of
the first two were to swap their cars from this end
week in the Grand Prix of Spain.

But little work has been attended to the new
situation the pilot’s reference to the time in Red Bull: Daniel Ricciardo. The australian rider has a lot of credit from that
in his debut season with the team from Milton Keynes, gave
beat Sebastian Vettel against all odds

“I have confidence in my ability, not
I’m going to be naive with these guys that come in,”
, said Daniel,
that you feel that you are in a great moment of form. I Feel that I am
riding well, I’m happy with how I’m doing it and with the
people that I have around
, with the engineers and all that
I share on the weekends, I’m happy with my team. I think
I am at a good level to do well”

“Red Bull took a risk when I get to Vettel and it was good. Now they had a chance with Max

For Ricciardo, the pressure is on to something
inherent to Red Bull, it is the way of assessing the drivers and know of
what they are made of. He is clear and, therefore, feels
prepared to deal with it. “It’s something that Red Bull always does.
They want to put us under pressure and see what wood we are made of. I take it
always as a challenge and as something positive”
, recalling
subsequently the time in which it had to face Vettel.
“When I competed against Seb in 2014, my results until then
not proving much. I showed some speed and had people in the
team who knew what they could do, but had not shown that
I could get the podium or a win. At that time, Red Bull took over
some risk to get there in front of someone like Seb and saw
it worked. Now they had a chance with Max
and that is what
they have chosen to do”
, ensuring that Verstappen is so
aware as he was of it. “Max knows and we will see in the next
racing how it goes. Obviously Red Bull is always watching us very
near. All of this is not good only for me, but also for him”


Another of the issues that has been
treaty, especially after talking to Helmut Marko, one of the
reasons why you are facing this change was to reduce the
tension in Toro Rosso, is the rivalry between companions. The
respect, Ricciardo ensures that it will not be a problem. “I’m Not
worried. I have always had a rivalry, healthy, and fair with my
peers. With Vergne had a strong rivalry, but
we respected him a lot outside of the track and we also got along well, I am
an easy type for relationships. The matter is on the track, there
it plays everything, but off I go to my roll. Max will come to the team such-and-such
as it is, but, be that as it may his way of being, I don’t think that affects us or
to me or the team
, concluded the australian, who has started the
season as one of the riders in the shape of the grille.