Ricciardo says Red Bull is closer to the level of Mercedes and Ferrari


All the world distrusts the performance shown by Red Bull in the first week of spring practice and, on the first day of this second, Daniel Ricciardo has shown some more of what the Red Bull RB13 can show.

The australian rider does not hide that the car is growing and that, although unknown if it is at the same level as its rivals, it is clear that it is getting closer. “I’m Not sure if we are already at the level of Mercedes or Ferrari, but we are getting there. Ferrari really seems fast. I am sure that Mercedes will still be fast also. Even though Williams has not shot much the last week, today completed a good day and I think that went quite well, today it showed”, said Ricciardo on the FW40 that on the fifth day it has achieved the best time and the impressive figure of 160 laps completed.

But Daniel Ricciardo denies that Red Bull have an ace in the sleeve and ensures that there is a lot of potential for removing of the car, although it still has room for improvement as in the case of its rivals. “At this time there is not a big secret or something like that, we don’t have two seconds in the pocket. We feel that we can extract more of the car, but everyone can. Perhaps Williams does not, you may today have been her best version! But I think that Ferrari and Mercedes can still take more of their cars”. Ricciardo believes that it is best to wait for the moment of truth and, personally, it stays with the car adapts more and more each day to your style and feels very comfortable with him. “When it happens, we’ll see, but everything is going well at the moment. It is my third day in the car and each day I feel better in it”.