Ricciardo, the best time on the first day of the tests Pirelli in the wet


Photo: Pirelli

Daniel Ricciardo scored the fastest time in the first of the two days of the test, which will be played on the circuit Paul Ricard. However, the aim of the day was not to get the best time record, but try the tires experimental Pirelli, as well as the functioning of your compound rain extreme. Red Bull completed a total of 99 laps, as it was foreseen in the program, although a technical problem caused many of your spins would not be registered. The best time we got was 1’08″713. The Italian brand of tires it forced that between the three cars participating had at least ten seconds, and that each one of them performed ten runs of ten laps. The track was watered for the testing of the compounds of rainfall.

The second best time was for Stoffel Vandoorne with the McLaren, but suffered a breakdown that made him have to stop his car, and that caused the only red flag of the day. The young man left his marker around in 87, 12 less than planned. Kimi Raikkonen, for his part, himself completed with the Ferrari the 99 turns, as Ricciardo. His time was the slowest of the three. Subsequently, before the journalists present there, was not very happy with these tires: “we Tested tyres for 2015 and some new ones, and although we prefer last year’s, is soon to say. I think it was good, not pilotábamos to achieve a good time, but to learn, to better understand these wheels. I think that a test on wet roads is positive, it helps to Pirelli and helps us”, collect Motorsport.

Although until the 17th of February will not have its new decor, the Red Bull showed as stickers Puma and TAG Heuer, its main sponsors, and there appeared the name of Infiniti. In addition, Ferrari was their new director of engineering, Jock Clear, ex Mercedes, among other teams. The day began at 09:00 h and, although the three teams had until 17:00h, Ferrari and Red Bull finished before your program and McLaren failed to do so, so that the activity ceased before the time. In the second session, Tuesday, Vandoorne will be repeated in the team of Woking, while Ricciardo and Raikkonen will leave your site to Kvyat and Vettel.

Table tiempos

Pos. Piloto Equipo Tiempo Laps
1 Daniel Ricciardo Network Bull 1’08″713 99
2 Stoffel Vandoorne McLaren-Honda 1’09″131 87
3 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 1’09″637 99