Ricciardo wants to try the AM-RB 001: “I pay the tires, no problem”


it Is, practically, a prototype of a competition in the purest
style of the LMP of the WEC and will be produced in two versions: one of
street and other racing. The beast of four-wheel-designed jointly by Aston Martin and Red Bull, -and designed
by Marek Reichman and Adrian Newey – combines a compendium of excellences
technology with an aerodynamic work of a Formula 1

Daniel Ricciardo took part Tuesday in the presentation of the
Aston Martin AM-RB 001 and is shown excited at the possibility
to collaborate in its development. “I hope So. For me it is the first
time I see it, I had seen some sketches, but nothing really so
close to what we are seeing now”.

Ricciardo highlighted the impressive figure of a supercar and
was recognized to be “very excited about seeing it, I encantería
participate in any development if it could. And I still find it hard to believe
that’s going to be in the streets, looks like a race car

When the press moved to the presentation and asked if the
AM-RB 001 was referred to in his recently renewed contract,
Ricciardo responded jokingly: “That has been a failure. Obviously
was looking to get it for free, but in the end I have to pay
tires. I think that is enough, no problem”