Ricciardo: “We are less than half a second to Mercedes”


The big question of the weekend ahead in Melbourne is to get to know the real performance of the computers on the grill. And, in that sense, the expectation to see which of the big three take a lead in this start of season, it is noticeable.

But Daniel Ricciardo avanza will not be Red Bull who becomes the benchmark and sets the downside with regard to Mercedes in something less than half a second per lap. “I’m Not sure how much less, but for what we saw in the test, we are less than a half-second (for Mercedes). I believe that our record of top speed were very good in Barcelona. We know that we’re not going to be as fast in a straight line, but I think that we are closer than last year. So we will see this weekend”, ” said the australian at his home race.

In any case, Ricciardo does not think to feel frustrated if the world title doesn’t arrive this year, because it is not something that you wait for that is going to happen and prefer to go step by step. “last year I didn’t win the title and still I was happy. I got my first pole, I went back to the top of the podium. If I give my best, I will be very happy this year and I will be very happy with the world title. It is my goal and I will give everything I can to make that possible, but it is not something that you wait for”.

The australian pilot, however, believes that if it is possible to get overcome the initial disadvantage, 2017 is the right time, because the new regulation opens the door to a development pace much larger and broader. “Perhaps the beginning is not as good, but this year you can evolve very quickly and change that. I think that the car is not bad, but we can improve”, said to finish.