Ricciardo will be satisfied with winning a race in 2016


Photo: Red Bull

Of shape to a certain extent unexpected, Daniel Ricciardo managed to clinch the win on three occasions (Canada, Hungary and Belgium) in 2014, his first season at Red Bull. After a 2015 in white, this year has been close to adding two other victories, but a failed strategy in Spain and a pit stop very slow in Monaco was denied to increase his record.

Now, shortly before the celebration of the Grand Prix of Austria, the home race for Red Bull, Ricciardo has declared that tread at least once to the highest step of the podium would be for him a reward acceptable and we would be glad of the season, in the hope of being able to face up to the best in 2017.

Never say that the Championship is finished, because we have not even reached the halfway point of the season and I think we can at least win a race before the end of. Can we win six or eight to get into the fight for the title? Probably not; it is clear that the chances are remote, so it is obvious that the goal is to climb to the top at some point. That would make me feel happy with the 2016, and then, hopefully, be able to have a real fight on 2017.

Despite the disappointment of having let two potential victories, Ricciardo, who continues to be linked to a possible future at Ferrari (“I Know I am on your list,” he said recently) is convinced that the situation of the team is now better that just a year ago. At that time, also just before Austria, Red Bull had not yet achieved any podium and was fourth in the Constructors’, at a great distance of Williams. Something that makes him out to be optimistic ahead of next season.

a year Ago the situation was not positive, but now things have changed. People may think that we are probably losing some faith, but we still have a very good team of aerodynamicists and engineers, all of you are going to be and Adrian Newey is a time contract, so that is positive. Now you can see things starting to work and I think that the coming year is going to be really interesting.

This year is being
ups and downs, but I know positively that the car is better than that of the year
past, and we are getting more of the engine
. I think that is all that can be
ask: always and when you can feel the improvements, you know that you are going in
the good address.