Ricciardo: with Max “jumps a spark that makes us improve to both”


Max Verstappen has been quite a revelation this year, despite the fact that it pointed out very good ways in 2015. His victory in Barcelona, the first race as a pilot of Red Bull, he made all of the team remain fascinated and Daniel Ricciardo to raise the level to cope with the new challenge that was supposed to Max Verstappen.

“it Was something huge, especially that first week-end in Spain and not just because Max won the race. I suspect that the team didn’t know until what point it was good to Max and if I was going to fit in”, recognized Daniel Ricciardo on the website of Red Bull. “His victory motivated us and made us improve in order to become stronger. In Spain we all watched to see if the exchange between Max and Dany (Kvyat) was a mistake. I Believe that his victory motivated us. Honestly, with me it did”.

the rivalry between The two has been maintained at a high level throughout 2016, but both have maintained the utmost respect for one another in the benefit of the team. Despite that, Ricciardo admits that the tension between the two grow when you face for the victories. “I’m Not naïve. If we are fighting for victories I’m sure that there will be pressure and tension. We hope to be able to look each other in the eyes and congratulate ourselves after the struggles. (This year) we presionábamos the one to the other. He was close to me in ranking, so that always makes jump a spark that makes us improve to both”.

In the Grand Prix of Malaysia we saw a small preview of something that could be very usual in 2017 and, in that case, it was Ricciardo who took the cat to the water after an intense duel. “I Know that when we were going in parallel, we thought in our position. We gave it 100% and I think that we knew what was the limit of the car and our responsibility to the team. Confident in your ability, but also in the pilot with the struggles”.