Rich Energy could buy Force India imminent

we All thought that Force India was going to surprise us with a change of name at the start of this season. Already tried last year and could not be, but now they have via free and the day of the presentation we did not see any change. However, it is rumored, and each time it has more strength to the rumor, with the brand of energy drinks Rich Energy could put enough money on the table at the Force India team and bring a name change for this season. May possibly have the outcome of this week, so we will be attentive…

Red Bull would not be alone in the F1, we also have another computer with a name of energy drinks. It seems that this type of drinks are trendy and cause rage among young people and athletes, and that’s why the F1 is a good showcase to sell this type of products. Rich Energy, it would be the other brand to compete with Red Bull, and although in principle not be able to compete on a level performance with the Red Bull team, yes you can do it with Toro Rosso, who as you know also advertises the cola drink of Red Bull. Therefore, if you are Rich Energy may be in front of Toro Rosso, that would be a good battle of marketing.

Rich Energy would not be a sponsor normal, but directly would buy the team for a few 223 million euros, making disappear the name Force India and being the owner total of the team. The future owners that, possibly we will know in a few days, would obtain the VJM11 with all the equipment and facilities, by changing the name and racing this 2018 with a computer with enough performance and that will not have to start from scratch as they did in his day, Marussia, HRT, Caterham, etc

Williams Storey has admitted the interest and has stated that “Red Bull is good“, indicating their commitment to positioning its brand of energy drinks even more up with this purchase (they are already present in boxing, football, Formula 3, motorcycles, etc). And for those who don’t know yet the brand’s Rich Energy, simply say that it is an energy drink premium british (for the british market and the US). According to the firm itself innovate in terms of drinks, well… would have to see it. Personally I am not a fan of this kind of drinks and Red Bull I find it quite unpleasant in terms of taste.

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