Rimac Concept One, it’s brutal! it all started with a BMW E30 electric.

The brief history of Rimac is, as little, curious and particular. Mate Rimac in 2007 and with 18 years he bought a BMW 3 Series E30. Competed in several events from drift with, but one day the engine of his BMW, he said goodbye forever. Rimac thought the electric motor was the perfect machine to drive anything. The image of electric cars by then was not too good, and less to compete, but Matt wanted to change that perception and show that it can be electric and fast.

Working in your garage, Rimac began to electrify your BMW. “I used pieces of scrap, such as for example a motor of electric forklift. It took me a year to build the car and bring it to a race drift. Everyone laughed, and would not stop asking me if they could plug their mobile phones to load them. The first race in which I participated was against a BMW E30. And I won. By a hair’s breadth”.

After that race, Matt returned to his garage to upgrade your car. Put a new engine and removed the gearbox. Race after race it was faster. The E30 of Rimac covered the quarter mile in 11.3 seconds, as fast as a Ferrari Enzo, and all this using an engine, electronics and a battery pack that had developed the same. “I am a charcoal” says Matt.


So is the Rimac Concept One

But it was not his intention to modify cars, but of making his own. And not with the exclusive idea of “save the world” but with the conviction that electric cars can be better and faster than the conventional ones.

Matt founded the company in 2009. With funds from private investors, moved his company from the garage of his home on the outskirts of Zagreb, Croatia. Since then the company has grown and have bought the ships and villages. Matt is not a executive the use, wears short-shorts, running shoes, has a beard… The company currently has 200 employees, and their name is starting to ring with force in the world.

The figures are dizzying. With 1088 CV, 1600Nm of torque, acceleration from 0 to 100km/h in 2.6 seconds and a top speed of 355 km/h, figures of the true supercar. It is even able to accelerate faster than a Porsche 918.

Its price to the height of their performance

Rimac Concept One Prestaciones
Peso 1.850 Kg
Power 1.088 CV
Maximum torque 1,600 Nm
tip Speed 355 km/h
0 to 100km/h 2.6 seconds
0 200km/h 6,2 seconds
0 at 300km/h 14.2 seconds

The car do not need to change conventional gear, but incorporates two small changes of double clutch and two gears on the rear wheels. The mission is to make more effective the expenditure of energy. The bodywork is carbon, the car has a total weight of 1850 kg

But Rimac insists that although the weight seems high “the ingenious system of vectorization torque makes it feel much more lightweight”. In this respect, the possibilities offered by an electric vehicle with a separate motor in each wheel far exceed those of a conventional car, and may calibrate the acceleration of each wheel to “round” the paths in the curves.


The technology of the Rimac Concept One

Rimac as a company is more than just a manufacturer of sports cars. Designed and manufactured almost everything themselves, and that makes you different to other Start Up industry, as for example Fisker, which brought together more than 1,500 millions of dollars from private investors and over 500 other public funds.

As they had money, they hired the best engineers of other brands such as BMW, Mercedes , and so When Fisker began his activity is limited to doing what they know best to do, do you need an electric motor? Called Bosch. Externalizaron all the engineering, including the assembly. So when it came to the bankruptcy had nothing, his company was worth nothing.

In contrast Rimac has decided to take another course with your company. “When I founded this company knew how it worked the automobile industry. I went to suppliers such as Bosch or Continental, which sold components to other manufacturers, to work with us, I never even returned the calls. I realized that we would have to do everything ourselves, and that is the only reason we are alive”.

All the knowledge acquired by Rimac has become a great asset to the company. The company has been growing, hiring in a smart way and investing in R & d. The next step will be to become suppliers of all type of electrical and electronic components for the car (batteries, electric motors, etc.).


Interior of the Rimac Concept One

The next model that manufactures Rimac will be the C2. It will be largest and with a higher print run, with a chassis monocoque carbon fiber that will make it a lot more lightweight. Rimac has been able to afford to have their own autoclave, and in addition they have hired the engineer responsible for the chassis of the Ferrari LaFerarri.

The life cycle of the manufacturers of supercars is often a question that appear, make a few promises are hard to believe and then disappear shortly after, leaving a corpse in the gutter. But the future of Rimac promises to be quite flattering, with the clear intention of demonstrating that the electricity has many more virtues than gasoline. I’ll bet his next car is going to be at the height of the best.

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