Rimac Concept_One: 1.088 HP supercar electric that we finally get to production

Rimac Concept_One confirms its arrival in production, a production limited to only 8 units, and that today you discover in your final appearance. The supercar electric Rimac Automobili will make its debut in the next Geneva motor show, at which time the Rimac Concept_One will become a supercar at the height of the best Ferrari, McLaren, Lamborghini or Koenigsegg… but that yes, you will be a all-electric car with nothing less than 1.088 BHP of maximum power.


At the design level the Rimac Concept_One shows virtually identical to the prototype that we met at the Frankfurt motor show in 2011, and that during the past year, we’ve seen as car of racing commissioner in Formula E. Rimac Automobili has taken its time to evolve the technology behind the Concept_One, being always active and looking for investors to enable them to gain a foothold in the automotive industry and at the same time produce his first own car. As a point, only to point out that the batteries of the spectacular Koenigsegg Regera are suminsitradas by Rimac, so these guys Rimac are not going to bluff.

rimac-concept_one-2016-14The Rimac Concept_One has a complex propulsion system with four electric motors capable of developing a maximum power of 1088 HP. To nurture horsepower Rimac employs a lithium-polymer battery with 82 kWh, a battery that in normal use conditions could reach over 400 Kilometers of autonomy, but in conditions of maximum performance will be quite less, even though they have not been detailed for the moment.

rimac-concept_one-2016-10the performance of The Rimac Concept_One are not trivial. Thanks to the all-wheel drive system capable of digesting the 1,600 Nm of torque, the Rimac Concept_One accelerates 0-100 Km/h in 2.6 seconds and has a maximum speed of 354 Km/h. The Rimac Concept_One will have up to 4 different modes of driving: comfort, control, track, and the so fashionable “mode drift” and, with similar torque delivery, promises to shred the tires Pirelli Pzero installed in a few minutes.

rimac-concept_one-2016-03As mentioned in the beginning, the real challenge of Rimac has been the development of the vector control of the four thrusters electric. All the electronics and software control is what has allowed Rimac reached contracts as significant as the one signed with Koenigsegg, with the launch of the Concept_One, the first step in a future where this brand can give us great joy in making only electric cars. Pity that the Rimac Concept_One is only intended to manufacture 8 units.