Rimac will launch another supercar electric in 2018 and What not know about Hammond!

do you Recall the spectacular accident, which took Richard Hammond with the Rimac Concept One? Well, the mark Croatian is going to launch another supercar, only that it will be more expensive and faster than that. Its provisional name is Concept Two and with its release are intended to multiply until now, few sales by 12. We still don’t know what that says Hammond of the news, but we would like to know if, despite everything, will be encouraged to try it too.

According to Monika Mikac, head of operations of the firm, the Concept of Two will not only be better in the section dynamic, but will be significantly more comfortable and luxurious than its predecessor. To achieve this supercar will be of higher dimensions, but that despite this stop being a two-seater. What we cannot overlook is that Mikac has also announced that will have a better performance. Something very striking if we recall that the specifications of the Concept One are 1.241 HP and 1,600 Nm of torque, which accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.5 seconds. How far will come?

The Rimac Concept Two will play in the league of the great

The Concept of Two “will play in the league of brands such as Pagani, Koenigsegg or Bugatti, “ so that its price will exceed the price of 1.130.000 euros it costs the Concept One. You will also have more autonomy, surpassing the 330 of the previous model, as is logical in a car with this potential, you can vary extremely depending on the way of driving.

In terms of its design, Mikac said that all future cars Rimac will have the same style that the Concept One. That is to say, keep the side lines, as pointed out by the directive, “is a tribute to the ties”. It seems to be that it is a curious wink of the brand to the garment, which had its origin in Croatia during the SEVENTEENTH century. The plans Rimac after the launch of the Concept Two, will be a convertible version, and another for track, and more long-term a model of four squares.

Images – Rimac Concept One

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