Rimac will present its new sports electric in Geneva 2018


The teaser retouching of the new sports.

The Hall of Geneva is the favourite quote of the small manufacturer, the Croatian Rimac, which has already employed this quote to reveal the spectacular Rimac Concept_One. With this dark teaser the company has revealed the silhouette of your next sporting, which for the moment have not been revealed technical details but yes its production and release date.

The new sport of Rimac will not have a name is too original, following the path marked by his predecessor will be named Rimac Concept Two and will continue carrying a mechanical system electrical. Although unlike the Concept One, of the only were manufactured 8 copies -one of them crashed in Europe by Richard Hammond, while filming an episode of The Grand Tour – the new Concept of Two will have a broader output, although you will still be limited. will Only be manufactured 100 copies of the model, at a price that will exceed the one million euros that cost the Concept One.

The new model promises to be more powerful and faster than its predecessor, which had four electric motors -each one of them acting on one of the wheels – with a total power of combined 1.240 HP (1.224 hp) and 1600 Nm of torque maximum.


The dark teaser original model.

As we can see, the dark teaser released by the brand does not allow to see much, but in the image above, after you make adjustments, we can see some of the first details of the model.

The large rear wing is very apparent, as well as the aggressive front splitter, but draws attention to that is not as flattened as the Concept One. In comparison, according to the proportions suggested by its silhouette, the new model seems something more short and high. Strictly two-seater, has the proportions typical of the sports of central engine, with the cabin smack in the middle.

Front and behind seem to be very aggressive, with lines very dramatic and strong angles, although his body is drawn with smooth lines. In the living Room of Geneva of 2018 we will be able to see for the first time the design of the new model, which is expected to have a price at least similar to the Concept One.