Rimono and their vision of future mobility in the big cities

Rimono EV - El coche eléctrico del futuro en Japón

Rimono and your project on electric mobility of the future in the big cities.

¿How will be the traffic of the cities within several decades? The truth is that if we imagine how will be the mobility solutions in major cities within a few decades it is very difficult to avoid thinking in solutions curious with that to avoid traffic jams and dense traffic in the rush hours. A few problems that today are a reality and that, with the passage of the years will not go to unless to unless we do something.

it Is here where comes into play the japanese car company Rimono. In particular, they introduced the result of a project by which, they have sought to realize in a prototype electric vehicle vision of future mobility in large cities. The result? What you can see in the images above. A prototype of the same name that the company itself and, let’s face it, it conveys playfulness and the feeling of being in front of a toy for children.

With just 2.2 meters long, Rimono EV is characterized by a body made with fabric materials waterproof. To be more precise, the exterior of the Rimono is made from cotton and polyester. A material very similar to that used in awnings and tarpaulins used on the balconies and terraces of homes. It is for this reason that its appearance conveys any thing less character or some emotional feeling.

Rimono EV - El coche eléctrico del futuro en Japón

it Can reach up to 45 km/h and has an autonomy of approximately 50 km.

Behind this project we find to Kota Nezu, the creator of the other prototypes as well known as the recent Toyota Setsuna Concept just a few months ago. In their guts, the Rimono EV account with a small electric motor 6.7 HP accompanied by a lithium ion battery pack 4 kWh. Thanks to this mechanism you can achieve a maximum speed of 45 km/h and has a range of 50 miles.

on the other hand, Kota Nezu has commented that in the production model, the batteries will have a rapid exchange system:

“In the Rimono EV production batteries may be exchanged quickly and easily”.

Rimono EV - El coche eléctrico del futuro en Japón

the exterior of The Rimono EV uses the same textile material that is found in the canopies or tarps used in homes.

If we look inside, we find a small cockpit with two seats in arrangement 1+1 and in place of a steering wheel, a small handlebar similar to the one used by the mopeds conventional. The touch technology as well as info-entertainment puts an iPad by way of center console. Thanks to this, the occupants will be provided with a multimedia environment and connected.

¿it Will be manufactured? Thus at the moment there is no official confirmation about it, but Nezu has commented that he expects to see being produced at the Rimono EV for the summer of 2017. Therefore, we can say that the project has green light.