Rinspeed Oasis Concept: a small autonomous car to enjoy the botanical

The designers swiss have started the year 2017, showing their
new creation, an interesting prototype of the autonomous vehicle, and mechanical 100%
electric offers its occupants the chance to enjoy your passion
by plants and, ultimately, of the botanical. We talk about the new Rinspeed Oasis Concept that, although it was
shown a few days ago at CES 2017, has also been left to see in the Detroit Auto show 2017.

Rinspeed Oasis Concept

Rinspeed Oasis Concept, a small electric vehicle, and autonomous.

Announced a few months ago, unlike other types of concept of autonomous car that we’ve seen recently (and there have been few), the Rinspeed Oasis Concept has in its interior with a garden. This small electric with a windows is “expansive” that transmit the sensation of being in front of a real greenhouse mobile with four wheels. If we take a look at its interior, we find a cabin for two occupants.

Due to their compact dimensions and low capacity, it is clear that the Rinspeed Oasis Concept has been designed to move in urban environments. A vehicle that add a touch of “green” the fleet of large cities where concrete and asphalt have gained ground to the parks and gardens.

Designed to offer the possibility of circular fully autonomously, the new Rinspeed Oasis Concept has a steering wheel that can be folded to make a keyboard that we will use for our office tasks and, in short, able to do tasks of work in this small office on the move. We also found a curved screen touch that enables occupants of the vehicle to control various systems such as the info-entertainment. To do this we add a sound system Harman Kardon and the possibility of using applications such as Skype or Microsoft Office.

Rinspeed Oasis Concept - interior

In the interior of the Ringspeed Oasis Concept we can enjoy our passion for botany.

Another detail of this concept is that it has a system to project notifications and other messages on the ground to inform both the passengers that will ride the vehicle as well as pedestrians and other vehicles. We are working on a project of vision for the future of shared transportation.

Now, without a doubt, the most striking feature of this prototype is that it has a inner garden, installed just behind the steering wheel. Rinspeed points out that there is enough space for to grow small plants such as trees, bonsai or even radishes.

In regard to subparagraph (mechanical, as we said at the beginning of the article, we are faced with a vehicle purely electric, and even though Rinspeed hasn’t gone into details, he reveals that in each of the wheels is located a small electric motor source ZF. Figures as important as the autonomy or performance of this small urban are unknown.