Rinspeed Oasis Concept, a small city that wants you to feel as at home


The Ringspeed Oasis Concept suggests to us our own oasis rolling within the great city

Rinspeed has always been characterized by giving the note with their prototypes that are above all very distinctive at the time of performing their basic functions, and some extra that tends to be surprising. Clear examples are the Ethos Concept of last year, a BMW i8 self-contained with a drone whose runway is located on the trunk, or the Budii Concept, a i3 modified to be self-contained and very technological.

Today you can see here at the Oasis Concept, “an oasis of rolling stock of ideas in the desert of the automotive” according to its creators, an appointment very pretentious also makes direct reference to the location of the city where we celebrate this event annually, Las Vegas, USA.

Includes a small area sells where able to grow

Rinspeed Oasis Concept is a small vehicle that wants you to feel as at home in a very literal way. The interior has a couple of chairs as a living room, huge glass surfaces, except for the fenders and the roof, everything else is transparent including the doors to give us the feeling of interior spaciousness, includes TV that is projected on the windshield and the part of the front contains a small green area to cultivate plants, flowers, or anything that we want.


A small vehicle that offers a more relaxed life in the city

From our seat we will have a nice panoramic view of our environment, a windshield, wraparound where to watch our TV program or the use of an augmented reality system for the leisure and enjoy our particular garden and beyond to where we go. We can’t afford to relax while the car drives itself autonomously, and also have a multifunction steering wheel inside the cabin if we wish to become with the control.

Mechanically has a system of propulsion 100% electric, as almost all the prototypes of Rinspeed. The roof is covered as it is completely overrun by solar panels that will help to prolong the autonomy of our vehicle. The technical characteristics of its mechanics will know soon when it plays host to the CES this year.

A part of their particular garden, this prototype reveals the rest of its qualities more peculiar. Its front wheels are completely covered and allow a angle of rotation almost complete, therefore, allude to iconic android R2-D2 of the Star Wars saga for his turn. On the other hand has a luggage compartment with climate control incorporated that cools or heats what you are about to enter in him and whose gate can be set so that its opening is blocked by a password.

The company is joking, although it would be a real possibility, citing that the vehicle could act as transport, autonomous business as pizzerias, keeping hot food hot in your storage area by night, while by day it serves to go to and return from the job with all calm in our little oasis rolling.