Rinspeed will present at CES in las Vegas to an urban Oasis

Rinspeedurban mobility is moving in leaps and bounds and each day appear new ways of how it could be in the near future. Rinspeed is one of the brands that once in a while brings us an advancement how to understand this mobility of the future. For those not in the know Rinspeed is a manufacturer and designer tunning who was born in 1979 in Switzerland.

This manufacturer is specialized in the restoration of historic cars. However it has also made more than a design tunning using as a basis modern vehicles. Among the brands that have been tuned are Porsche and Subaru. In addition, also performs and presents concepts and prototypes each year at the Geneva motor show.

RinspeedThe next prototype that is going to present the brand will be in the next CES in las Vegas in January 2017. For the appointment of the american will be a small, urban electric, and autonomous, called Oasis. With this model, the swiss house proposes a vehicle equipped with two parking spaces and a modular, well thought-out. Once the driver starts up and takes control your system of autonomy the steering wheel is hidden and does not interfere in the cockpit.

Your body provides a great brightness to the interior, as is developed mostly crystals. In addition to your windshield allows you to work with augmented reality by projecting the useful information on driving. To finish, its roof will feature multiple solar cells in order to recharge their batteries while parked in the city.

To dynamic level the brand still has not provided data on their autonomy or type of batteries. Yes it has been confirmed that the vehicle is fitted with a system of four-wheel guidelines. Thanks to this system will have a turning radius is very small and will allow passengers to navigate the smaller streets of the city.

We will be attentive to the next CES in las Vegas to have all the data and technical characteristics of the Oasis.

Source – Rinspeed