Rivemove: New device for child seats, which recovers the fifth spot in rear


Rivemove is a new accessory child restraint.

A Spanish company has unveiled a new accessory designed to hold child seats has the ability to be able to displace them laterally once fixed to the seat. In this way, the child seats can be moved enough so as not to lose space in the rear bench.

This simple device, named Rivemove, consists of a sliding bar that is fixed directly to the anchors ISOFIX of the vehicle, and the wheelchair to the device. The gliding ability of the same allows the chair once fixed be able to run laterally on the rail, so that we can paste the chair to the door area.

This allows do not miss the space of the central square, since any child restraint pervades this space, negating in many times the central square.


The space gain is about 7 cms by chair.

The accessory is able to recover up to 7 centimeters of space by chair, centimeters vital to be able to accept a third occupant in the vehicle.

Currently, the device has already been tested and has been certificate for child seats in groups 2 and 3, that is to say, suitable for children over 15 kilos. So says the company in its dossier of presentation, they are expected to perform the tests for certifying them to the groups 0 and 1.

Their placement seems to be very simple, the device is anchored to the
ISOFIX of the rear bench
and the chair itself to the new mechanism. A
once installed, the system Rivemove allows you to move the own
chair towards where we want, with a maximum of up to 7 centimeters. In the
if you have two child car seats in the car with this mechanism the
space gained is of 14 cms and maximum.