Rivola ensures that the Ferrari engine has reached the Mercedes


Photo: Ferrari.

The fans ferraristas are in for a treat if the words of one of their workers match up with reality. Massimo Rivola was recently appointed director of the Ferrari Driver Academy, but until a few weeks ago was the athletic director, a position important enough to speak with authority of the project that the Italian team to debut at Montmeló on the 21st of February. According to Rivola, in the words collected by Speedweek, the work in Maranello during the winter has borne fruit and are able to achieve the goal of the season 2016, which is no other than to end up with the dominion exercised by Mercedes in the last two years. Although Sebastian Vettel lowered the euphoria of the president Marchionne (I had ordered a victory for the first race), Rivola keeps the speech optimistic.

The Faenza ensures that, at least in terms of the engine refers, are already at the height of the arrows of silver: “We were able to get some good results in 2015, and the last project seems to have been born healthy. Everyone is waiting for a great championship for Ferrari. In terms of the power unit, I am convinced that our manufacturers of the engine have done a great job and have prepared a propellant that has reached the level of performance of the Mercedes”. We must wait and see if Ferrari has reached the height that had the germans last season or if you expect to have equaled the development that have made its rivals between seasons and will begin the new world at the same power level. Do not forget that, by very optimistic that it is your hope in improvement, other builders do not stay idly by and also evolve.

Although the power of Mercedes is mostly due to the engine, Ferrari know that is not the only thing that have to match: “we Hope to find in the chassis of the competitiveness that we lacked in the past”, said Rivola. In the same line of thought, long ago, the ex-pilot Martin Brundle: “it Would be too simple to speak of the superiority of Mercedes only for the engine. There are to build an excellent chassis if you want to cut off your winning streak. To the naked eye in all the circuits and saw that the Mercedes was very good”. What is certain is that the advantage of the current champions has been so great in 2014 and 2015, Ferrari will have to get the best out of himself in all areas: engine, chassis, strategy and performance of their drivers. And you still don’t have anything secured.