Roadmap Fernando Alonso: 3rd Title of F1, Daytona, and LeMans in 2018, Indy in 2019, and maybe NASCAR?

Fernando Alonso is already rolling into Daytona with your new car LMP2 to gain confidence and prepare for the famous quote of the 24 hours of Daytona, an endurance test similar to LeMans, so it’ll serve as training for it though not at all like the race car that’s going to lead into one and other and also the characteristics of the circuit. In the sharing session with Lando Norris ended up in 6th position, still far away from the head because it was adapting and honing all the problems that I found in your first contact.

The car of team United Autosports seems to roll well, but have had some red flags during the sessions we have had and also have started to adapt to driving on the path during the night, as part of the race will be at night as you know. Has managed to lower their times and get the 11th, just 0.8 of a leader and we will see if he can continue improving and pushing up to make times more competitive and to see what the future holds in this test american. We will be attentive to the latest news…

But regardless of the times and others who now do not have too much, I must say that Alonso has told their plans for the future. He has commented that his priority now is to F1 and wants to get his 3rd world title in this category. He will drive at Daytona for the 24 hours of Daytona at the beginning of the year in addition to doing a whole season of F1 that are also collated with LeMans with the team Toyota has confirmed. Three different categories in a year, something awesome to have to adapt to the new F1, the LMP2 Daytona and the LMP1 Le Mans.

But more important than this is that has confirmed that want to come back to Indy in 2019, so we will see it uploaded in the ovals within 1 year if all goes well, and to see if this time their opponents, and the reliability of Honda allow him to win the Indy 500 in the test of Indianapolis. Up to here everything normal, but when I have been asked by NASCAR has said that for the moment is not a priority, that will continue this year and that motivated him to run in the US, but nothing has said a resounding no to that other category, it’s just limited to follow this career will be “un first step“. We’ll see what happens.

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