¿Roads made of plastic? In Rotterdam will soon be real

We live a very interesting time. In addition to the constant technological advances in the automobile, the autonomous car and electric car promises switch to complete our notion of motorsport in a few years . Another challenge for the future is to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide greenhouse gases. In Rotterdam they have a clear idea for this: believe that the future will be paved in plastic. modular Roads made of recycled plastic very strong and economical to produce.

The assembly time is very less while building an asphalt road.

The idea comes from the Dutch company VolkerWessels, which this week presented his new method to build roads. Currently around 2% of carbon dioxide transport come from road construction. What KWS Signature – the highways division of VolkerWessels construction – proposes, is the road construction plastic . Yes, made from recycled plastic, household waste from a country like the Netherlands, highly conscious recycling.

carretera-plastico-2 The image that presides this article defines perfectly as they are to be these roads. They will be built modular blocks – made by injecting plastic into molds – and would not require such a solid foundation as a conventional road: they are much lighter and an estimated durability is up to three times higher than a conventional road. To be constructed of hollow modules inside can be channeled water pipes, gas or electricity.

VolkerWessels will now seek partners for the mass construction of these surfaces.

is expected maintenance cost is cheap. To be constructed from recycled plastic, environmental concerns largely dissipate. These roads will be tested as part of a pilot project in the city of Rotterdam , in the Netherlands. The company admits it will be a while until they are long, and currently is working on give the surface a good level of grip, one of the main concerns with these surfaces.

The result of the pilot test will determine if this type of road is profitable, and especially if it is a suitable model for the real world. On paper it looks good, the reality may be different. Still, glad to see you are innovating in a seemingly motionless as the paved technical discipline.

Source: The Guardian
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