Roadtrip to the Alhambra of Granada with a SEAT Alhambra

“If we were to visit one city in Spain it should be Granada” said the novelist Ernest Hemingway. And that is what we have proposed in this Saturday morning: head to the city of the Alhambra in a vehicle that borrows the name of the nasrid palace. Juanma Camera he’s waiting for me in Méndez Álvaro. Has come with everything ready to go for this road-trip. Three bags in the trunk seem to indicate that, in addition to clothing, has brought its entire arsenal of photography. The SEAT Alhambra in red color seems to be an omen of our destiny… the legend says that Alhambra comes from “red fortress” although it is true that in the beginning it was colour sparkling white.

As your first generation, it is still a joint project with Volkswagen.

The SEAT Alhambra is an mpv family 7-seater. Its design resembles greatly to that of his twin brother, the Volkswagen Sharan, with whom he shares virtually everything except for the logo on the hood. The SEAT Alhambra (from 30.280€) it is slightly more economical than the Volkswagen Sharan. However, the latter has 7-seater series, while they are optional in the Alhambra in exchange of 830 euros.

seat_alhambra_mdm16Large, spacious, and practical. Although the design is not his strong point, highlighted by quality finishes very high and a quality of comfort excellent for travel. Is a SEAT Alhambra second generation, which began its career back in the living Room of Geneva in 1995 as a joint project between Volkswagen and Ford.

The veteran Alhambra was replaced by a new generation 15 years later and eventually suffered a restyling last year on the occasion of its twentieth anniversary, and they brought the model that we have today between hands. Acquired new thrusters 15% more efficient, as well as new headlamps with LED technology in the position lights and brake. The LED lamps have greater durability, and increase safety to better illuminate.

The story of the real Alhambra dates back much, much, more ago. Specifically, in the ELEVENTH century when the founder of the nasrid dynasty, Al-Ahmar, was installed in the old Alcazaba of the Albayzin neighbourhood. In front of him, he was struck by the ruins of an old military site from the roman era in the hill called “Sabica”, which dated back three hundred years ago.

seat_alhambra_mdm8Al-Ahmar was then decided to begin the construction of the Alhambra as we know it today and install in it the seat of the court. The set of palaces and gardens that is home to the Alhambra palace it was building up gradually with the addition of successive constructions. The Alhambra reached its splendor in the second half of the FOURTEENTH century with the reign of Yusuf I and his son Mohamed V until 1391.

The Catholic Monarchs found in the Alhambra his palace dreamed of, who fell in love deeply. His love was such that they decided to remain buried in Granada.

After the War of Granada maintained a century later, between 1482 and 1491, the then muslim sultan Boabdil el Chico was overthrown by the troops of Castile and Aragon, beginning a process of negotiation that culminated on the 25th of November, 1491, with the signature of the relevant Capitulations of Granada, in which it was agreed a deadline of two months for the delivery of the city of Granada and its incorporation to the Crown of Castile as a Kingdom of Granada. The city gave the 2 January 1492 to the Catholic Kings closing 250 years of the nazari kingdom and culminating with the reconquest.

The Catholic Monarchs found in the Alhambra his palace dreamed of, who fell in love deeply. His love was such that they decided to remain buried in Granada.



we drove the A4 and the SEAT Alhambra digested with strength and absolute comfort every mile that exceeds. I tell him to Juanma so surprised that I am to have found a great haven of peace and quiet on board of the minivan.

As the last two spaces occupy almost the entire trunk, must choose between two passengers or lots of luggage

The interior is 100% Volkswagen. Features a steering wheel of new invoice and a dashboard dominated by a multimedia system and navigation, also of origin Volkswagen, with touch screen of 6.5 inches and escorted on both sides by the aerators of the air conditioning. SD card reader, Bluetooth, USB input and eight speakers. Dropped him, the air-conditioning system and, finally, the push buttons of controls of stability or topertura automatic rear doors (1.039 euros). Yes, the rear doors can be opened and closed automatically through these buttons on the dashboard and the other next to the doors.

Above ours, there is a sunroof immense (1.029 euros), which covers both squares in front as in the rear, giving a great feeling of spaciousness. The driving position is good. You’re sitting a little higher than usual, which will give more sense of security and control to many drivers.

seat_alhambra_mdm20The second row of seats, is composed of three seats, which can fold the two sides to allow you to access the passengers in the third row. The rear seats are spacious and feature a large free space with respect to the ceiling. All the rear seats have fixations isofix and can be folded down. In addition, you can raise the seat the second-row seats, adapting them for children.

The third row comprises two individual seats separated from each other, which are a little smaller than those of the second row. The dilemma lies in the fact that, as the last two spaces occupy almost the entire trunk, must choose between two passengers or lots of luggage.

seat_alhambra_mdm17An hour later, we found some mills to our step-by-Tembleque and decided to stop to make a few photographs. The windmills of la mancha, we recall the old stories of don Quixote:

“-And so, I say that, coming as labrador to the house of the said hidalgo convidador, that good thick has his anima, he is dead, and most signs say that he made a death of an angel, that I found this, which was gone by that time to reap at Tembleque…
-For the life of your son, return quickly from Tembleque, and without burying the nobleman, if you don’t want to do more funerals, you finish your story.”

mills Tembleque were fully restored in the year 2000, at which time it launched the second generation of the SEAT Alhambra, but it was not until the past year or 2015 when you replaced your blades, also coinciding with the restyling of the current model and the version of “20th anniversary”.

seat_alhambra_mdm3After this, we headed up to the medieval square of the SEVENTEENTH-century Tembleque, of square construction, with granite columns and wooden beams. The main entrance is under a beautiful gazebo. On the side is the town Hall of the village, built in 1654. Was designed as the center of the daily activity of the town, such as plaza de toros, and corral of comedies.


Behavior of trip

back to the road, the 184 HP revolve with rapidity of reactions, and offer the possibility of travelling at a good pace. Is a minivan, pretty fast, never to cast them in need more power. The SEAT Alhambra has a 2.0 TDI under the hood. This alternative seems to me more suitable if you are planning to travel frequently with 7 occupants and luggage. It is a powerful solution but, at the same time, consumption fleeting because we did not beat the 5.7-liter. The price of this unit of 184 HP and change DSG part from 43.790 euros.

Its 184 HP revolve with rapidity of reactions, and offer the possibility of travelling at a good pace.

All engines are supercharged by a turbocharger, they have a system on and off automatic engine Start&Stop and optimized to maintain a consumption and C02 emissions reduced, and to take care of the environment. To do this, engines diesel, are equipped with the technology AdBlue and are adapted to the european emission regulations Euro 6. Have an additional tank of Adblue®, the trade name of an additive formula based on an aqueous solution of urea, which decreases the emission of polluting gases into the atmosphere.

seat_alhambra_mdm5There are two engines: a 2.0 TDI diesel 150 HP from 35.820 euro and a 2.0 TSI petrol with 220 HP with DSG from 41.990 euros. The best ratio price-to-power variant, gasoline comes to be hampered by a consumption to be much higher in real-world conditions.

To our step-by-Despeñaperros, we were able to test the differences between the different modes of the suspension, adaptive (935 euros). During our journey by motorway, the penalties are perceived difference between the comfort mode and sport, as there is a significant change in the filtering of the irregularities of the pavement. In either of the two, the suspension is comportaba with a touch delicious. However, in a mountain pass such as the ancient road of Despeñaperros, the thing changes, and the roll and pitch are much more obvious for what, thanks to the Sport mode, are better controlled and limits the movement to which it is subject to the occupants. if you’re wondering If it’s an extra interesting one, the answer is no… Except for those who live outside the city and have to get through every day a mountain pass on his way home.


Alhambra, a palace and a vehicle

It is grateful for the DSG in areas with narrow and full of slopes pronounced, as the Albaicin of Granada.

Finally we reached the neighborhood of the Albaicin. This moorish quarter, declared a world Heritage site in 1994, has a unbeatable views of the Alhambra. Their arab origins and principles shine through in every corner. I find it surprising the user-friendliness of our SEAT as we move into its winding and narrow streets, in the case of an estate of more than 4,85 meters long. The management has the quite assistance and prevents uncomfortable interference with the disorderly cobblestones of the neighborhood.

Also thank you on every slope for the existence of the automatic change of double clutch DSG, and the function “auto-hold”. The first prevents us from being preoccupied with change gear while callejeamos roads are so narrow and the second frees us from the car will roll backwards uphill, when we started up after stopping at a red light.

seat_alhambra_mdm11The DSG offers a totally automatic operation or allows us to take control and use it manually through the camshaft behind the steering wheel, or the shift lever. Yes, saving the step of using the clutch pedal. Acts in a very smooth way to move from one relationship to another and without loss of power.

in Addition, SEAT has been in charge of equipping the Alhambra of new security systems. For example, it has 5 stars EuroNCup, 7 airbags and, optionally, detector dead angle assistant and emergency braking, which activates the brakes of the vehicle if an accident occurs to avoid a second impact. Among the technological equipment optional, you can also count with a wizard for the involuntary change of lane or detection system signals. You can even have a rear-view camera (624 euros), Bi-xenon headlamps (1060€) and driver’s seat function, massage.

And within the optional equipment… what elements would be most recommended? There are different packages of equipment, but in our opinion the chosen elements would be four: the automatic change DSG, bi-xenon headlamps (1.060 euros), the alarm (333 euros) and the climatronic 3 zones (946 euros).

seat_alhambra_mdm10Is a remarkable edition SEAT Alhambra 20 anniversary, which comes equipped with a multitude of amenities: parking assistant, climate control of three areas, opening system and keyless start, panoramic roof, wizard of involuntary departure of lane, bi-xenon headlights, sports seats with function of massage in alcantara, detector dead angle, browser, or recognition of traffic signs.

The sun is beginning to set and everything acquires a special charm. Each corner cross is in for a surprise. We stop the SEAT Alhambra in the Mirador de San Nicolas, and we can not avoid to take photos of our goal met.

seat_alhambra_mdm9On our SEAT is located the Tower of Comares. It is the biggest of the Alhambra, with a square and 18 meters across. Was destined for the use of the sultan, because it contains its dependencies private, and the living room where he entertained important personages. Inside is the Hall of Ambassadors: a room with a dome on the roof that represents the seven heavens and muslims, on which is the throne of God. To your left is the dressing room of the Queen, constructed by king Carlos V, as well as the palace of Carlos V after the tower of Comares.

seat_alhambra_mdm19El Huerto de Juan Ranas invites us to sit down, to take something and stop to gaze at every corner of the Alhambra. Is it time to leave parked in the SEAT Alhambra that it has fulfilled its mandate and regain your strength after getting lost through the streets of the city, soaking up centuries of culture. The SEAT Alhambra we liked the good quality of rolling and comfort on board, as well as engine response and the peace of mind in terms of reliability to take a motor with seal Volkswagen under the hood. It seems to Me that the cabin is very well isolated from vibrations and any noise is aerodynamic, which gives it a feeling of high quality construction. If I had to put a but, it would be the design, perhaps you could implement items more risky.


SEAT Alhambra