Rob Huff and Honda get the pole position for the WTCC in Morocco


On Thursday, he said that the new route to Marrakech
reminded at certain points to Macau
and in the case of ‘Mr. Macau’, that can only
mean that I knew it was going to be very fast. So much so that Rob Huff has joined the
pole position for the WTCC in Morocco
, getting the lead in the 1-2-3 joined by Honda in
a qualifying session for framing. Behind the Honda Civic WTCC
it has been located ‘Pechito’ López, who also has led the victory of Citroën
in the MAC3. The first position for the race with an inverted grid is for
James Thompson
with the Chevrolet RML Cruze.

Q1 was the confirmation irrefutable of the strength of the
Honda Civic WTCC
, who had already dominated in a certain way the free. Rob Huff
I got the first position in this Q1 with a time of 1:21.750, registration
virtually identical to the one that would be the pole minutes later. In this
first session there were some surprises at the level of performance
, since by
moments Yvan Muller and Thed Björk ran the risk of fall removed. With Tom
Colonel as the best private pilot with your Chevrolet, finally the ones killed were the pilot
official Fredrik Ekblom and the local rider Mehdi Bennani
, in addition to the private pilots John
Filippi, Grégoire Demoustier and Ferenc Ficza.


During the Q2 came the expected
awakening of Citroën
, but on this occasion, the performance of ‘Pechito’ López was not
enough. Although the argentine scored the best time of Q2 with a time of
1:21.457, the dessert would not be able to repeat this back at the time
decisive. In any case, tras the leader is filtered in Q3 Norbert Michelisz,
Tiago Monteiro and Rob Huff
with the three Honda Civic officers, in addition to Nicky
Catsburg who once more showed his great facet of classifier. Thanks to
your tenth time, James Thompson got the first position for the race
with rack inverted

In the decisive Q3 times not
they were so fast
, something that helped to achieve the best possible result
Honda Racing. Despite being one of the first to complete his flying lap
the fruit of the fourth position added in Q2, Rob Huff did it with the pole with
a record of 1:21.743
. Only 36 thousandths behind has been located, Norbert
Michelisz, while Tiago Monteiro closed the triplet of the Honda Civic.
In a margin of four-tenths to be moved in any case the five
participants of the Q3, with ‘Pechito’ fourth and Catsburg fifth.

Classification Q3 WTCC 2016 in Marrakech

Position Pilot Vehicle Time / Difference
1 Rob Huff Honda Civic WTCC 1:21.743
2nd Norbert Michelisz Honda Civic WTCC +0.036
3rd Tiago Monteiro Honda Civic WTCC +0.119
4th José Maria ‘Pechito’ López Citroën C-Elysée WTCC +0.281
5th Nicky Catsburg Lada Vesta WTCC +0.418



Surpassed in all aspects during the classification, Citroën Racing took the thorn in the MAC3. The French manufacturer returned to count with Mehdi Bennani to get the win in this kind of team time trial. With the performance perfect of ‘Pechito’ López, Muller and Bennani, Citroën stopped the clock after their two laps thrown in 2:50.632, registration, serving to overcome to Lada for a second of difference. The Lada Vesta WTCC is clearly the slowest of the three cars participating, but Nicky Catsburg, Hugo Valente and Gabriele Tarquini have had a regular performance.

you can Not say the same of Honda, which arrived in a state of excitement for the 1-2-3 added in the classification. Despite a good start from Rob Huff, Tiago Monteiro and Norbert Michelisz, andl japanese team ended in last position in the MAC3 held in Marrakech. Although the first round was positive, an error of Norbert Michelisz in one of the last angles of the second round sentencing Honda to finish third, leaving more than three seconds in relation to the time achieved by Citroën.