Rob Huff wins in Macau, Oriola and Gené become without title


Mr. Macau is his nickname and that is a great indication of what
you can do on this track, the british driver. Rob Huff has come back to win in the Circuito da Guia and
sum their eighth victory within the walls of the urban layout of Macau. The pilot
official Lada in the WTCC has changed his usual Vesta for a Honda Civic TCR
to be able to compete at his favourite circuit, and on his debut has not disappointed with
pole position and a victory. Pepe Oriola and Jordi Gené
can’t get the title of the TCR Series
. Stefano Comini champion.

In the first race, Rob Huff maintained the first place by a hair in a departure rough in that Francisco Mora had against the barriers, and where also was left out of the game, Kenneth Lau and Frank Yu. After the british were the three title contenders, Jordi Gené, Stefano Comini and Pepe Oriola, even though the battle of them all was overshadowed by the presence of the Safety Car. Three laps later reemprendía the race. Rob Huff was maintained in the first position, retaining the three Seat León of the three riders who were pushing for the championship.

After the initial hesitation, Rob Huff showed up because he’s called ‘Mr. Macao’ and are escaping from their rivals, showing the level that led him to get the title of the WTCC in this scenario, the Circuit da Guia. Rob Huff got the win clear, adding to its eighth triumph at this circuit. Jordi Gené and Stefano Comini completed the podium, with Pepe Oriola fourth after not being able to overtake Comini in the curve Lisbon. With this result, the title fight is postponed to the second sleeve. Jordi Gené was out of options and Oriola to seven points Comini.


The second race of the TCR Series began with a red flag. A strong accident in the output left out of the game, with Jordi Gené and Rob Huff, who played to finish both against the wall. While leaders Stefano Comini and Pepe Oriola dodging the blow, for behind it was a small ‘mele’ with eight cars involved in the accident, highlighting the presence of Lorenzo Veglia and Kevin Gleaseon. Half an hour later, and after the Safety Car, the race is reemprendía eight laps, in a fight in the sprint with few options for Pepe Oriola.

After the accident, Stefano Comini started in first position, followed by the own Oriola. The continual attempts of overtaking of the Spanish rider not to arose effect and although both were played on more than one occasion in the braking of ‘Lisbon’, the swiss stood firm in the first position. In the seventh round and after a touch from behind by Pepe Oriola Stefano Comini with a certain force, the Seat León of Pepe Oriola stopped, leaving the title on a platter to Comini. There was also positive news for another Spanish rider, because Jordi Oriola lost its first podium by a Drive Through when riding second.