Rob Leupen: “it Is vital to extend the stability in the WEC”

rob-leupen-vital-alargar-estabilidad-wec was present in the 6 Hours of Silverstone thanks to Toyota Spain and had the great opportunity to interview Rob Leupen,
vice-president of Toyota Motorsport and Director of Operations
Financial department of a sports brand. Along the
chat with Leupen, manager of the firm analyzed the requirements of the
WEC and the importance of maintaining the current regulation hybrid for several seasons. Extract from the second part of the interview with Rob Leupen.

– ¿why is it so important for Toyota to maintain the current hybrid model?

Rob Leupen: “By
cost reasons, it is important to highlight our technology. By
the other hand, does not compensate us to develop machines to be very expensive. We need
renew us. If you have some stability, you focus only on the parts
important, so as to improve the hybrid system or aerodynamics. So, do not
you have to make each year a new car, developing a new system
of security, etc ..

Focusing on the important parts, the production
becomes more efficient
. We already have a routine, and you don’t have to change
your tools, you don’t have to re-train the people. For it is
good to have a certain level of stability
, not completely, but to
this year up to 2019 we can save money and focus on the system
hybrid and in the development of the aerodynamics”.

– Before
the possibility of the entry of Peugeot, is better to change the rules, What do you think?

RB: “Well, I think that it is vital to extend the stability in the WEC. That all may see that there is
a direction to follow. If it continues in that direction we can follow
with our technology for a long time in a stable manner. Another topic
is that Porch and Toyota to be very strong, because we have 5 years of
working behind our backs, so we are on the head. Develop
requires investment, but for us it is very important to keep
the innovación


– Here at Silverstone. What will be the strategy if it’s pouring with rain?

RB: “If
comes rain we will have an advantage in front Porch for the kits aerodynamic. With rain
you need more load. With a load more
light will move over the car. Our load is higher than that of
Porch, that’s why we have more advantage. It will be very interesting to see what
occurs. We are always watching and listening. at The end one of the keys is to learn what makes
the other
. If you keep it on the road will mean that carry loads
similar to our”.

– the complexity of The traffic.

RB: “the good thing about this championship is
than the other cars, the slower cars, are very important for
the results of
. What you can see in our history, in Toyota we had a
collision in 1999 and another in 2014, and in 2016 the car number 6 left for something similar. It is always very interesting to see what will happen. Also this year
cars LMP2 have improved, they are faster
. If you are driving the
car, you have to manage your energy, be looking at what the other
are doing and move forward. It is not easy to”.