Robert Dahlgren relieved to Fredrik Ekblom in the WTCC


Robert Dahlgren Fredrik Ekblom. Could well be a change of the Swedish national team football in the Championship of France, but what is certain is that this is the change of pilots proposed by the Volvo Polestar Cyan Racing at the equator of the WTCC. Despite having 35 points in their locker and be the best pilot of the signature scandinavian in the championship, Fredrik Ekblom will assume a role of pilot development, while Dahlgren will return to the WTCC, a category that saw him compete occasionally during four seasons and form a fixed part of your grill in 2011.

The arrival of Volvo, Polestar Cyan Racing and their Volvo S60 TC1 in the WTCC cannot be understood without the figure of Robert Dahlgren, and the swede was in charge of giving the first steps of the signature in the World of Cars competing with Polestar Racing and Volvo S60 Flexifuel in 2007, to then be fundamental part of the work that Volvo completed in the category with the Volvo C30. In this aspect, already surprised at the beginning of the season that the trio formed by Dahlgren, Ekblom and Björk the Dahlgren that would be left without a seat.

Be that as it may, now Robert Dahlgren will have a very tight schedule, since the six citations of the WTCC that will run here at the end of the season is to add its program in the STCC. In the Swedish Touring car, Dahlgren is a leader after adding two victories. In this aspect it seems that Robert Dahlgren will compete in both categories until the first coincidence of calendars, which takes place on the occasion of the ninth round of the WTCC in Japan. For his part, Fredrik Ekblom will work in the shade, in the development of the car, the entire time that the brand has almost ready a mule testing of the S60 TC1 to test for the.